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    Here's a handy action checklist to help new authors through the production process. Each step doesn't happen all at once. You will be sent automated emails to prompt you as and when you need to take action.

    1. Complete your Book Details page and Author Profile

    Complete your Book Details page. Be sure to fill out: Title, Subtitle, Strapline, Edited Description, Endorsements and Categories. Also fill out your Profile. Info there will be used to create your marketing materials and back cover copy.

    2. Prepare your manuscript as a Word Doc

    Prepare your manuscript (MS) as a Word Doc for production. You will have to "strip out" a lot of formatting so it does not mess up our book design software.

    You will save a lot of time if you read the instructions before you finish writing.

    3. Collect Endorsements

    Send your finished manuscript out for endorsements (this can take some time so get it done as early as possible; using a draft is fine.

    4. Upload your finished, formatted manuscript

    Upload the finished, formatted manuscript to your Production page, together with all images.

    5. Add stylesheet notes

    Add stylesheet notes at the top of your Production page. Specify if you want US or UK Spelling. Do this at the same time you upload the MS.

    6. Find an image for your cover

    Find an image(s) on (no premium images) that you feel will work as the basis of your cover. Make a note of the FILE#: number in Notes for the workflow stage in the Cover Workflow Section.

    7. Approve your edited changes

    Approve your edited changes. Please download the edited manuscript and follow instructions for accepting or rejecting each edit. Please read your MS very carefully as you cannot make any more changes to your text after this step! Upload your edited, approved text.

    8. Check your back-cover copy

    Check you back-cover copy. You can find this at the top of your Production page. Everything there should be designed to make the potential reader want to open up the book.

    9. Check your Publication Date

    When production is finished your book will assigned a publication date. Check to ensure it is what you expect. Alert us immediately if there is a problem, as we will soon send the date out to our distributors. Once out, it is hard to change.


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