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    Will my book come out as an ebook?

    All of our books are released as ebooks and are available to buy on Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Kobo.

    Is my ebook released at the same time as my print book?

    We bring titles out in print and digital in the same month of publication, and they both have the same official publication date. However, in practice, the exact date of release won't always be the same.

    The ebook goes for conversion a month or so before publication date, and then it is distributed. Different distributors take varying times to load the ebooks into their system. It will likely not show on sites like Amazon for pre-order until a few weeks before publication. So, if you see your ebook released on a slightly different day to your official publication date, don’t worry.

    Where can I get hold of my ebook?

    We take care of distributing your ebook to Amazon, Apple, Google Play and Kobo. But you can download your own copy for personal or promotional purposes.

    • Go to your book’s Production Page
    • Open the ebook Workflow Section
    • On the FILE LIST, click on ePub to download your ebook

    How can I read my ebook?

    Your ebook will be in EPUB format, the universal ebook format. We aim to format your EPUB to ensure the highest level of cross-device presentation. You should be able to read your ebook on the vast majority of ereaders out there. For more info, check out this articles, 6 ways to open EPUB files. NOTE – you cannot read EPUBs on Kindle.

    How can I read my EPUB file on Kindle?

    We recommend downloading Calibre for free. It's an app that will convert your EPUB file to MOBI or Amazon's own AZW – which can both be read on your Kindle.

    I think my ebook should be used as part of a promotion. What should I do?

    We frequently price-promote ebooks. Please read Reader Offer/Giveaway.

    Can people steal my ebook?

    No, people shouldn’t be able to steal your ebook.

    Do you use DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

    DRM (Digital Rights Management) is code that you add to an ebook file to limit its use (especially copying, printing, and sharing). It is a way to help fight copyright infringement. We distribute our EPUB through NBN Fusion and all their agreements with ebook vendors require that they apply DRM to files distributed to them.

    Help! I think someone is selling or giving away an electronic copy of my book illegally. Can I see print and ebook sales separately?

    If you think someone is selling an illegal copy of your ebook, let us know via the Author Forum.

    Can I see print and ebook sales separately?

    Yes, the two are broken down separately on your Financials Page. NOTE – it takes two months for ebook sales to be reported and show up there.

    Will my index show up in my ebook?

    No – we do not include indexes in ebooks as a matter of policy. If you decide you must have one in your ebook, this counts as a complex conversion. See Preparing Your Manuscript.

    Sales are shown separately on your Financials page (they appear as if sold in North America, because they are distributed worldwide from there).

    Where can I see how many ebooks I have sold?

    All ebook sales (worldwide) are listed in the US sales column on your Financials page because they are run through our US distributor, NBN.

    A good way to check sales rankings on the different Amazons (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan) in one go rather than having to look them up separately is to go to www.salesrankexpress.com, or www.novelrank.com.

    The retailers to which NBN distribute include all the hundred or so main ones in North America and Europe, though some of these are selective, so not every title goes into every account.

    My title was published by you a long time ago and there is no ebook. What should I do?

    If you have a backlist title and we have not already converted it to an ebook, we convert them for free if sales have reached 1000 copies over the previous 12 months. Otherwise, please expect a price in the region of £100/$200 (it depends on the complexity of the text design).

    If you would like to go ahead with an ebook conversion, please post your request on the Author Forum or email office@jhpbooks.com, and we will get a quote to you.

    Once payment has been received, we will add your title to the next month’s batch of conversion titles. It takes around one month for the conversion, and a further month to make it available to retail.

    Are there different rights for my print and ebook?

    We do not consider print and ebook rights separately – it just leads to too many complications. How the print and ebook editions are then presented on the same page on Amazon, prevents us from selling overseas rights, etc.

    Check your notes and references otherwise Apple may reject your book from its store

    Apple is very picky about its ebook files. They will reject your book for sale if:

    • it has notes or references that are not linked (this element will add to the conversion costs, approx. £0.10/$0.17 per page for one-directional notes. Our sales through Apple are marginal. We will assume you prefer not to have the cost deducted from royalties and are happy not to have the book available there, if your book has notes, unless you say otherwise)
    • there are links and references to buying on Amazon (and Barnes and Noble and Google is applicable)
    • nudity is shown on cover
    • there are spaces in the .xhtml file names
    • the front cover is too small
    • the pictures have too many pixels
    • there is a price on the cover
    • any charts/tables/images are scanned in
    • there is too much interactivity

    Do you charge to convert my book to an ebook?

    As of December 2018, we have stopped charging a conversion cost for ebooks on new titles.

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