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    How to fill out the Review box

    • Edit your review. No matter how many paragraphs you add here, the review will display as one paragraph on the website, so make sure you edit succinctly, to avoid one big block of unreadable text.
    • Add the name of the reviewer to the From box. This will display on or website in italics.
    • Add where the reviewer is from in the Source box. For example, which magazine they write for, which organization they belong to and which books they have written. This displays on our website in italics automatically.
    • Add a link to the full review, if it is online and especially if you have had to edit it down significantly.
    • You can arrange the order of your reviews by numbering the Sort Order box which you will see at the bottom when in Edit mode; order them 1, 2, 3 etc., with 1 being the review you want to go first.

    How do I get reviews?

    How do you/we get reviews? Read Review Copies to find out.

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