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IMPORTANT! The text here will feed through to the website and public databases.

This box is for reviews received after your book has been published. Put the key review in the top slot.

Reviews for The Secret People, Moon Books


  • The body of the review will automatically be in plain text. You do NOT need tags.
  • However, any reference to the author's name within this review should be enclosed by html tags for bold, e.g. “Charles Dickens” will be displayed as “Charles Dickens” on the webpage. Please ensure accuracy, particularly with the closing tag as without the /, the italics (or other format) will not be finished.
  • The name of the reviewer should be placed in the "From" box. This is automatically in italics – you do NOT need tags.
  • "Source" is for where the reviewer is from – which magazine they write for, which organization they belong to, and which books they have written. This is automatically in italics – you do NOT need tags.
  • You can arrange the order of your reviews by numbering the "Sort Order" box which you will see at the bottom when in "Edit" mode; order them 1, 2, 3 etc.
  • For long reviews: A paragraph or two is generally all we need (50-100 words). Sometimes, it may just be a phrase or a sentence. Potential readers do not generally want to read through pages of long reviews. Most reviews are available online; feel free to add a link to the full review.
  • How do you/we get reviews: Check the section on Review Copies in Chapter 11.