Writing Your Proposal — Unique Selling Points

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In this section:

    What are your book’s unique selling points?

    Please give three bullets points here.

    Things to think about:

    • What will make a reader want to buy your book?
    • What is new and different about it?
    • How does the book stand out from the competition?
    • What problems will it help them solve, or what knowledge does it provide? What is the angle?
    • What about the content, structure, genre, style or tone makes it different?

    Make sure what you write is:

    • Succinct and with high impact.
    • Motivating and concrete.
    • In the third person.
    • Avoid hyperbole, being too general, and do not raise points that beg a question.

    How we use this information

    Our readers look at this when they write their reports.

    If you are offered a contract and accept, we use them to help create your AI/Tipsheet, your key sales pitch to the book trade.

    This helps for the reader reports but is particularly useful for the AI/Sales sheet.

    "Unique selling points" or USPs are directed to the readers and booksellers.

    Examples of USPs

    USPs from Zombies on Kilamanjaro

    USPs from Angel at the Paradise Hotel

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