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    How will you market your book

    To pitch your book to media and trade buyers, we need to know about your platform as an author and any planned and confirmed publicity. The kind of points which contribute to your platform would be:

    • previous books you have written and their sales
    • your relevant professional, academic or life-experience credentials
    • your presence on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and other social media, include numbers of followers, likes etc
    • your website and its visitor numbers
    • workshops you have run
    • conferences you have spoken at
    • radio, TV or YouTube programs you host or appear on
    • blogs and magazines you write for with follower or circulation numbers
    • networks you are a member of

    Please give numbers wherever you can.

    Field Of Blessings' marketing plan (Ayni Books)

    Tell us details of any social-media campaigns for your book; any signings, talks or blog tours, any articles, interviews, reviews, or any other publicity you plan to do. Let us know dates and details on the HELP forum in Sales to Authors. The sooner you do, the better we can make books available to wholesalers, retailers and, ultimately, readers. If demand is high, we may need to replenish stock, and would need three weeks’ notice. Please add dates and details of the activity on your Marketing page in the Activities section. There’s more on how to add an activity in Marketing Activities/ How they work

    Your publicist will be aiming for a minimum of a dozen or two "activities", which may be one or two local signing sessions, placement of an article, some online and print reviews, some social media support, an interview; the mix will depend on the book, the market, and your own areas of strength when it comes to engaging with readers in public, online, or in print. Their initial time is limited, and needs to work around your strengths and weaknesses. Read more about the work of the publicist in Chapter 9.

    Add anything else here which could help the publicist. What can they put in the Press Release for instance... Why did you write the book? Is there anything about your life, things that have happened to you, people you have met, that would attract notice?

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