The Blurb - Describing Your Book

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The description on the back of your book is often referred to as "Blurb", and is a sales pitch for the book. You tell us about your book in the Description box; later, we edit this and use it as the basis for the Back Cover Copy of your book; we then enter the edited text in the Edited Description box, and this text feeds through to Amazon, retail, wholesale and library databases, our website and all marketing materials.

You can change the Description at any time up till when your final manuscript is uploaded to the Production page.

The longer text here will be used by editors, designers, publicists and sales. Too few sentences, however dynamic, and there will not be enough to work on. Too many dilutes the message. So the limit is 175 words.


  • Include the "keywords" that your readers and search engines will use to find a book like yours. Try them out on Google and Amazon and see if competing titles come up. More below in Chapter 3 under Market Position..
  • Focus on how the reader will be drawn into reading the book. What is interesting about you or your book?
  • Avoid jargon, obscure words or overly technical terms.
  • If referring to yourself, write in the third person.
  • Don't exaggerate, don't use hyperbole.
  • Be down to earth, be honest, write clearly. Talk as if to a lay friend/colleague, who is not an expert in your field, explaining why they should read your book.
  • Include any highlights – a few words from an endorsement by someone prominent, or anything shortlisted for a good prize, a strong review in a trade magazine, a high ranking on Amazon etc.
  • Use your USP to hook your reader.