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YouTube interview with Diana Richardson, author of Heart Of Tantric Sex, O-Books

Interviews are useful in generating awareness of a book, though it's usually to hard to pinpoint specific results.

What we do

We tried for nearly 1,000 last year, and had 200 completed. We have some good relationships with radio shows worldwide, mainly USA/UK.

  • Your publicist will contact a number of hosts in your initial PR. If we do get requests for interviews the details will get entered as an “Activity” and an email with information will be sent to you.
  • There are two types of interview. Pre-record: less pressure as errors can be edited out. Live shows are just that.
  • Some producers will want to speak to you directly to assess how suitable you and your message are for their audience.
  • Some interviewers will want to read a copy of your book beforehand.
  • The reach of each station/host is highly variable.
  • Setting up interviews is labor-intensive. There is the issue of time zones, which can mean interviews being conducted late at night or early in the morning.
  • Many stations request that the interviewee, you, call into the station at your own cost. Some use Skype, which is a better option and can be face-to-face.
  • It is often worthwhile preparing a list of 10 possible questions you would be happy to answer about your book. You can enter this onto the “Promotional Plans” section of the Marketing page.
  • When you have done an interview, always share a live link with your publicist, and share the show widely on your social-media links.
  • Before an interview make sure you’re refreshed yourself by Googling tips, as in We also have some tips in the Appendices.

What you can do

You can search the Database using "Radio" in "Type" and select the "Category" most applicable to your book. There are over 6000 talk-radio shows in the USA alone who are looking for guests every day. You may as well be one of them!


Appearing as an expert guest on podcasts is an effective way to get attention for your book. We advise that you search for podcasts that seem relevant to your book on itunes and then consult our contact database.

Even the smallest and most obscure podcasts tend to find their audiences. There are podcasts that focus on old television programs, alternative forms of spirituality, wood working, bridal bouquets, and even books. Listeners to these shows are devoted to these subjects. This means that podcasting, rather than being a way to mass market a book or product, is instead a form of engagement marketing. Podcasts are a way for you to find the people most interested in what you're doing, and since podcasts are "time shifted" rather than scheduled podcasts listeners fit their favorite programs into their own schedule and tend to give these shows more undivided attention. (Here's a link to an interesting infographic about podcasting created by the podcasting advertising company "Midroll":

Podcasting should be considered as a form of social media. Appearing as a guest on podcasts is a way to develop new relationships and growyour network of influence. When you're finding podcasts within your niche take the time to listen to a few. The ones you like the most should be the ones you contact first and the ones where you'll likely have the best conversations.

Zero Books runs regular podcasts on its FB page.

When you do appear on a radio show, TV show, workshop or podcast, don’t forget to add this to the Marketing Activities so that we can let our industry followers and readers know about your appearance. In the past our authors have appeared on podcasts such as New Books in Critical Theory, the C-Realm Podcast, the Alpha to Omega Podcast, and PopMatters. When we hear from authors about their media appearances we are quick to share the link with our Facebook and Twitter followers as well to include the link in newsletters and updates to vendors.