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Why you need to use the contacts database

Our Contacts Database is a resource of over 40,000 publishing contacts and growing, and is used extensively by JHP staff. Every time we log a marketing activity for a book, it is tied to a contact in the database.

Teamwork and community are core John Hunt Publishing values. The good news is that, as an author, you have access to this database, to be used for your own book promotion.

The Contacts Database is a large shared resource, so it’s vital that care and attention is used when adding and amending entries. The more accurate the records, the better it is for everyone. As an author, you benefit from the detail work of JHP staff and other authors, and, in turn, they benefit from your detail work. It’s a virtuous cycle.

NOTE: Please keep us up to date with all the PR you do. The more we know, the more effectively we can promote your book, during publication and over further 500+ rounds of publicity. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to add your promotional activities to the Marketing Activities on your Marketing page, using the Contacts Database. Remember, if you have exciting or urgent PR news, or if you have trouble using the database, please let us know on the Marketing Forum.

How to add a contact to the database

Log into the system.

Click on Contacts on the left-hand side, and then New Contact.

Choose between Add a Person and Add an Organization

The Difference Between a Person and an Organization

An organization is where a person works. If you were adding a blog, for example, you would add it as an organization. You then need to create “a person” record for your contact who works for that blog and link that contact to the organization’s contact.

A person can also be someone not affiliated with an organization, for whom it makes sense to have an independent entry.

When adding a contact, most fields are self explanatory. Work through the form, step by step.

If you are adding an organization:

1. Fill out the ORGANIZATION NAME box.

2. Fill out the LOCATION box,

Proceed to step 4 below.

If you are adding a person:

1. Fill out the NAME box.

2. Then fill out the ORGANIZATION box.

  • Organization NameIf the person works for an organization, then type in the name here. If the organization is on the system, it will appear as an option to select. Click on it to link the Person contact with the Organization contact. If the organization is not on the system, then you will need to add the oganization yourself as a separate contact, and then come back and link the person to it later.
  • If the person is not connected to an Organization, then leave this box blank.

3. Fill out the LOCATION box.

  • Tick Location ☑️Contact address is the same as the organization's address if the person is linked to an organization and the organization address is the best place to send physical correspondence to the contact. If not, untick it, and add the relevant address.

4. Fill out the ONLINE box.

  • It's most important to fill the Primary Email and Website link. These are most useful to everyone. Add Twitter handle, Facebook link etc if you feel they are important.

5. Fill out the PHONE box.

6. Fill out the DESCRIPTION box.

  • This is an important place to add vital miscellaneous info, e.g. if it is a reviewer, you can add some important info about their tastes, or the best way to contact them, or their review policy etc.

7. Fill out the CONTACT TYPE box

  • Tick the most relevant box(es) for your contact. Some contacts will fit more than one contact type. For example, someone may be a freelance journalist and a radio presenter. Don’t tick loads – choose the most important, most descriptive boxes.

8. Fill out the CONTACT CATEGORIES box

  • Contact Categories: Here you can drill down and select which category of book the contact is relevant to. If you click the + next to a category, you will be presented with all the available sub-categories. Be as specific as possible. Sometimes it is impossible to be completely accurate here. Do the best you can.


10. When you have finished adding your contact, click Save Contact.

Duplicate Contacts

Please search for a contact before entering it. Duplicate contacts are confusing and take up valuable system space. When you add a new contact, the system will check the database and give you a warning message if it thinks it has spotted a duplicate.

Each new contact is invited to subscribe to our newsletter and sent the following email:

We have just learnt that you may be interested in our books. In our newsletter, booksellers, editors, producers, fans and reviewers discover our books and find details of offers, book launches, podcasts and articles. We invite you to subscribe. To subscribe, click here or go to . If you do not wish to subscribe, it is not necessary to take any further action. You will not receive any further emails from us.

Help! There are so many fields. I cannot add them all

We think the most important fields to add are:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Any particular information in Notes like the review policy if it is a blogger
  • The most accurate Type and Category you can do

Help! Adding contacts is very time consuming

We know! We hear you, and we are working to make the process easier. If you have a lot of contacts to add, and you are overwhelmed or struggling, please drop us a line on the Marketing Forum.

How to search for a contact

There are two main ways to search for a contact:

1. Search for a contact when you add a Marketing Activity.

To find the contact you can search by:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Organization
  • City
  • Category
  • Type

Most of the time, searching by Last Name or Organization will be enough for you to find who you need.

2. Search for a contact using the Contacts tab:

Click on Contacts and Contact Search on the left-hand side, and then Search Contacts on the yellow bar at the top.

You can search for a contact by a variety of parameters:

For example, if you were an author with Moon Books and wanted to search for book reviewers, you could:

  • Go to Categories and choose RELIGION
  • Tick the subsection PAGANISM
  • Go to Type and select Book Reviewer
  • Click Search
  • As of June 2019 the search will highlight 131 reviewers
    Note – show subscribed contacts only will only show the contacts who are subscribed to our newsletters.

The search results show you:

  • The Contact Name
  • Their State and Country
  • The Contact Type
  • Who created the contact
  • When they were last updated
  • The Contact Score

If you can’t find the contact you need when adding a Marketing Activity, then you will need to add it in manually.

The Reset button

If you have made a search, and want to try a brand new one, hit the “Reset” button to clear the search criteria.

The Contact Score

The Contact Score is an algorithmically created rating which reflects how often we have interactions with a specific contact, and gives you an indication of how active/useful this contact has been to us.

Higher is better. A contact with a score of 80–100 is probably one that is in regular contact with us, depending on the organization and what they do.

You can refine your search by clicking on the Score header in the results.

  • Click once and a downward arrow will appear next to Score. This means the contacts are sorted with the lowest score at the top.
  • Click again and an upwards arrow will appear next to Score. This means the contacts are sorted with the highest score at the top.

How to save a search

You can save your searches for the future:

  • Scroll to the bottom of your search results
  • Click on With these results - choose an action
  • Click on Save this search

  • Add a name for the search and click Submit
  • These searches will remain in your My Contacts list until you decide to Delete them

How to create contact list

You can create your own personal lists of contacts. This is a great way of keeping an up-to-date record of your most valuable contacts.

You can add contacts to lists from the Contact Search page, or after you have entered or edited a contact.

Create a contact list from the contact search page:

  • Click on With these results - choose an action

  • Click on Add selected items to list

  • Create a new list or add them to a list that already exists

Create a contact list after you have saved a new contact:

  • Click Close edit form
  • Click Add contact to saved list (which will also give you an option to create a new list)

How to access your saved searches and lists

To view, edit, and amend your Saved Searches and Lists:

  • Click on Contacts on the left-hand menu
  • Click on My Contacts

From there you can:

  • View, create and edit your contact lists
  • View your saved searches

How to edit a contact

To edit a contact, click on Edit This Contact in the right-hand panel.

How to delete a contact

You can delete contacts that you have entered, but not those entered by other people. If you do come across a contact that is no longer in existence, but you cannot delete, please put a note in in the Description box to say so. An admin user can then delete them as they come across them.

How to download a search or a list to Excel

For a Search:

  • Run your search
  • Click on With these results - choose an action

  • Click on Download list to Excel

For a List:

  • Visit My contacts
  • Run your list

  • Click on With these results - choose an action

  • Click on Download list to Excel