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Whether you are an author with us or not, feel free to browse this guide and any of our public forums/resources. They vary from Zer0 Books podcasts on politics and culture, to Moon Books FB page on paganism, to a free MBS magazine, with many other initiatives along the way.

For authors

We are a dynamic, forward-looking company that welcomes unsolicited manuscripts. We have published around 1,000 authors over the last twenty years, and well over 2,000 books. As an independent publisher we publish established writers and also give voice to those who are new to the world of publishing, and we pride ourselves on the communities we have built and continue to cultivate. Nearly 100 of our authors have published with us three times or more, with some in or approaching double figures.

Reader reports, editing, worldwide distribution, sales through first-class sales teams to bricks-and-mortar shops worldwide and all online accounts, along with marketing and publicity are provided as standard for all titles.

We pay royalties at 25% on ebooks, and 10-25% on print books.

If we like a title but feel the market is limited or difficult, and/or the title is expensive on the design front, a small subsidy from the author may be required - only around 15% of our titles require one. Subsidies vary across the imprints, but are more prevalent in fiction.

Our ethos is to work through our innovative database to make the publishing process as easy as we can for potential authors.

You can submit a manuscript via our Submissions page. We do not accept submissions via email.

The benefits for an author

  • Publishing inquiries are typically dealt with within three days rather than the three months publishing average.
  • You get feedback from several people rather than one.
  • Contracts are usually issued within a week or two of the Proposal rather than negotiated over another three months.
  • Similarly, production is faster than usual, taking an average of just three months from manuscript to finished files. Books can be made available for your own use at any time after that, but we do need ten months from finished files to publication to allow time to get into distributor and retailer catalogues, and for the reps to contact shops around the world with the finished product.
  • We work with over 70 sales reps worldwide.
  • Royalties are competitive on both print books and ebooks.
  • Distribution and sales is international rather than national.
  • Monthly sales are available for you to see, along with the marketing.
  • Access to the database gives a range of contacts and the ability to follow up leads.
  • You can join in author discussions and help forums.
  • More time is available for us to spend on sales, marketing and social networking.
  • We can publish more good titles, and good titles support each other in the market.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the copy in this Publishing Guide, we would love to hear from you. If you are one of our authors, please use one of the closed author groups or the Author Forum; if not, you can contact us through the website

We are a member of the Association of American Publishers and the Independent Publishers Guild, the trade body for independent publishers in the UK.

For bookstores

John Hunt Publishing Ltd. brings out a couple of hundred or so titles a year across a wide variety of subjects, under different imprints.

We started in the early 2000s in the Mind Body Spirit area with O-Books, and that has spun off a number of more specialist MBS imprints, including Moon Books on paganism. Christianity is now covered in Christian Alternative (liberal Christianity) and Circle Books (more traditional). Zero Books publishes titles on politics and culture. We’ve moved into fiction with Roundfire (general), Cosmic Egg (sci-fi/fantasy), Top Hat (historical fiction), Lodestone (YA) and Our Street (children). Changemakers publishes books for individuals who want to transform their lives and the world. In non-fiction there is Iff Books (the human condition, society and civilization), Chronos (history), Business Books, Compass Books (for writers) and others.

We publish internationally. Currently, half our authors are from N. America, with the rest from the UK and around the world. Sales are handled by National Book Network in the USA and Canada, Quantum in the UK, Andrew Durnell in Europe and Ireland, Publishers International Marketing in Asia, Brumby in Australia, and Hay House in S. Africa.

For convenience, the imprints are grouped into ten broad areas on the website here. For signing up to a newsletter, click here. Catalogues on new titles can be found here.

Which imprint is right for my book?