Using the Author Forum

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The Author Forum is the place for any questions you may have that don't appear to be covered in the Publishing Guide or that need clarification.

We aim to answer all queries within 24 hours Monday to Friday, although some staff only work Monday to Thursday. Anything posted over the weekend will be answered on Monday.

It is also a place for sharing ideas or suggesting improvements to the way we work.

The forum is split into four main sections: Technical Support, Marketing & Publicity, Editorial & Production, Sales & Distribution. Please ignore the sections Author to Author (we now use closed Facebook groups; see CHAPTER 14) and Bestselling Authors, which have been closed down.

Each of the four main sections is split into subsections, and each subsection has its own moderator from the JHP staff who will answer your question.

To add a query to the Author Forum, first click on Author Forum on the top right-hand side of the screen, next to your name. Next, click on the main section (Technical Support, Marketing & Publicity, Editorial & Production, Sales & Distribution) most relevant to your query; and then take a look at the various subsections and decide which one fits best. Once you've clicked on the most applicable subsection, you can then post your question:

Go to the top of the page and click on + Add a topic here.

Enter the title for your question in Topic Title.

Ask your question in the box below, labelled Contents.

You can add a file to your post by clicking on + Add a file to this post, which will allow you to browse your computer's files.

Once you're happy with the text of your query, click on Save Topic underneath the Contents box.