Common publishing abbreviations

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[s] - Shelved

OP - Original Poster

OT - Off Topic

MMPB / PB - Mass-Market Paperback; sized: 4.25"x6.75"

TPB - Trade Paperback; larger than mmpb, but softbound; common sizes: 5.5"x8.5" & 6"x9"

GN - Graphic Novel; art & (almost always) text; often a compilation of individual comic book issues; called a trade paperback (usually softbound)

HC - Hardcover; most common size is Octavo (8vo): 5"x8" -> 6"x9"

eBk - an eBook / digital format (eg: .epub)

OoP / OOP / OP - Out of Print -- OP is generally used to refer to the Original Poster (or requester) who is looking for the book. (see above)

POD - Print on Demand

ARC - Advance Reading Copy

BC / BCE - Book Club Edition

ToC - Table of Contents

short - short story (often including novellas)

NA - New Adult (often: collage setting/ages)

YA - Young Adult (often: high school setting/ages)

MG - Middle Grade

Juv / Juve / Juvies - Juvenile

MC - Main Character (has also been: Motorcycle Club)

Protag - Protagonist

H & h - Hero and heroine; (very often capitalization denotes gender), sometimes used separately in desc. eg: H has baby with OW, h files for divorce.

pov - Point of View

POC - Person of colour

ISO - In Search Of... [X]

NF - Non-fiction

SF / SciFi / scifi - Science Fiction

SF&F - Science Fiction and Fantasy

Fant / FN- Fantasy

Cont - Contemporary

UF - (contemporary) Urban Fantasy

Rom / RO / (once RMC) - Romance

PnR / PNR - Paranormal Romance

H.Rom - Historical Romance

R.Rom - Regency Romance

H.Fic / Hist Fic / HF - Historical Fiction

Hor / HR - Horror

Susp - Suspense/Thriller

MS - Mystery and Suspence - also, Manuscript

RF - Realistic fiction

AA - Action and Adventure

Hum /HM - Humor

SP - Speculative Fiction

TH - Thriller

UR - Urban

MF - Misc. Fiction

TT - scifi: Time Travel

PUniv / PUni - scifi: Parallel Universe(s) / Crosstime

A.Hist - scifi: Alternate history

ESP - Extra-Sensory Perception; often used to inc. other psionic powers

were / shifter - limited shape-changing; like a werewolf - but usually inc. other animals/beasts; eg: were-dragon, were-tiger, were-bear

OCD - Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

BDSM - Bondage (/Discipline) Domination (/Submission) Sadism/Masochism

SSC - BDSM: Safe/Sane/Consensual (most books have a statement)

GLBT / LBGT / (etc) - Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender

M/M / MM / mm - Rom: Gay Male-to-Male

mmf - Rom: Male-Female-Male love triangle; implied homosexual interaction (mm), instead of just a menage-a-trois.

mfm - Rom: Male-Female-Male love triangle; hetero-only; implied sleeping together, instead of just a triangle (serial interactions only).

ff - Rom: Lesbian

OW - (typically Rom) Other Woman

moc - (typically Rom) Marriage of Convenience

HEA - happily ever after

HFN - happy for now

TSTL - (often Rom) too Stupid to live

OTT - Over the top

WIP - Work in Progress

TBR - To Be Read (pile, shelf, etc); books which a person is intending to read sometime 'soon'.