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Feb 27, 2009

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Caroline Brazier
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Buddhist, Healing (general), Transpersonal


Guilt is a journey; an exploration into those areas of life which both fascinate and repel us. Through the weaving together of an account of a group of young people, fine grained analysis of the emotional and ethical basis of guilt, and illustration drawn from a variety of life circumstances, the reader is drawn into the complexity of a subject which troubles many people in the modern world. The book deals sensitively with some of the most challenging areas of human experience, confronting the reader with situations in which there are no easy answers. Yet the writing retains a joy in life. At times both humorous and emotive, it reveals the beauty of the everyday and the pathos of the ordinary. A book that crosses boundaries, this is one of the few books on the topic which will have you reading into the small hours of the morning, eager to discover the secret worlds of the characters whose lives illustrate its themes. Caroline Brazier is a writer with a life long interest in psychology, spirituality, creativity and ethics.

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