9781846940361 Clean Camel is a Happy Camel, A from Our Street
Clean Camel is a Happy Camel, A

Clean Camel is a Happy Camel, A

Clean Camel is a Happy Camel, A

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Jan 26, 2007

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Christianity (general), Topic - religion


You probably know that Luke wrote a gospel, but did you also know that his sources included memos to the angelic hosts, agony aunt letters, newspaper cuttings, interviews and even the diary of a concerned sheep? For the first time in nearly two thousand years, these and other, equally reliable, resource materials have been brought together to provide a fresh perspective on the life of Jesus. Have you ever wondered what the three wise men did before they were wise? Or how the disciples got on with their first attempts at spreading the word? What would the report card of a prepubescent Saviour of the world look like? And how did the local sheep feel about Jesus ultimate sacrifice? These and many other questions you have probably never asked are answered here.

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