M H Lord

M H Lord

M H Lord graduated in 1982 with Secondary (high) school diploma, College diploma and University Entrance. He major was history in which he topped the school.
Having worked a number of years as a manager in New Zealand’s largest book retailer, he has the knowledge and expertise of understanding what readers of all ages look for in a book, including the desire of various demographics.

M H Lord's works, which he has created include, ‘The O’Shea Chronicles’ series, ‘The Company of the Flaming Sword’ and more recently, ‘Herriot goes to London’ – a fun educational activity picture book for pre-school aged children.

A keen historian, he spends many hours carrying out indepth research into both the characters and storyline of his work. A stickler for detail, all information is factual, although some poetic license has been taken in the telling of the story.

M H Lord is actively involved in voluntary work with the NHS in the UK, working with adults who live with chronic pain. He has also worked with teenagers with learning disabilities, encouraging them to find a purpose in life.

An avid reader, he has amassed a personal library of over 700 books including many First Edition collectables from his favourite authors Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Stephen Donaldson and Margaret Weis.
Born on the West Coast of New Zealand he began writing in 2005. In 2006, he moved to England with his wife of 30 years, where they collaboratively work on future projects. He has completed the next three books in, ‘The O’Shea Chronicles’ series and the second in, ‘The Company of the Flaming Sword’ series.

A passionate reader and an even more passionate writer, he feels strongly that reading is key in developing children’s imagination and growth. Being dyslexic, his goal is to convey to both children and adults that reading is fun and exciting, and hopes to inspire children to read from an early age.

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