Woman's Way, A

Woman's Way, A

Woman's Way, A

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Apr 25, 2008

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Dena Michelli
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Conflict resolution, Inspiration & personal growth, Motivational & inspirational


A Woman's Way is an optimistic account mapping the journey from inner turmoil to confidence, happiness and fulfilment. The journey of growing up, shedding the dysfunctional behaviours of the past in favour of self expression, self-confidence and responsibility, is offered to all of us in early adulthood. In this book, a dozen women share their experiences of this personal transformation, with descriptions of how to live vigorously and vitally in the world. Previously, research into transformative growth was conducted by men, on men. As the men didn't naturally fit the female pattern of growth, women were considered aberrant or retarded. This book dispels that myth and offers understanding of women's process, acknowledging their courage, tenacity and strength. Dena Michelli is a business coach, speaker and facilitator who specialises in transformative growth.

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