Wizard's Gift, The

Wizard's Gift, The

Wizard's Gift, The

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Jan 25, 2008

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Mark Townsend
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Spirituality, Visionary & metaphysical


The author Mark Townsend lives within two worlds – the world of religion and the world of magic. And the further his journey takes him the more he realises that they are not two worlds at all… but One. In The Wizard's Gift a young man has all but lost the will to live, for his life has become meaningless. However, though depressed, one place he always finds can lift his spirits is the forest, which he frequently visits. On one of these occasions he meets and chats with an old man who oozes a genuine wisdom and spiritual depth. The old man becomes his mentor and, over time a beautiful relationship develops. Gradually the depressive re-discovers the wonder and magic of life, and he begins to think of his mentor as The Wizard. The Wizard gives him many gifts - tangible and symbolic items that bring profound spiritual insights and self-knowledge. Each of these gifts will be relevant and will speak directly to the readers of the book, and they too will begin to experience a sense of inner magic and spiritual transformation. Mark Townsend is both a priest of the Church of England and member of the Magic Circle, leading retreats and giving talks that combine magic and spirituality.

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