Wave, The

Wave, The

Wave, The

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Dec 1, 2005

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Jude Currivan
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Cosmology, Religion & science, Spirituality


Pioneering science and the wisdom teachings of many traditions agree - consciousness expresses itself as energy. All energies are manifested as waves - and it is from the vast and ever changing interaction of these waves of energy that the entire Cosmos, at all levels of experience, is continuously created. In easily accessible terms, The Wave explains the profound interconnectedness and harmony of the universe and reveals its underlying principles. Powerfully combining leading edge research with the perennial wisdom of all ages, it reconciles science and spirit into a universal model of consciousness. It describes how we co-create our realities and how the Cosmos affects all life on Earth and rediscovers the ancient knowledge that birthed feng shui and astrology and perceived the harmony of sacred geometry, music and number. It clarifies the meaning behind a multitude of metaphysical teachings and the common principles underlying the many techniques of energy healing.

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