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Graces for Today

Graces for Today

Graces for Today

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Dec 5, 2008

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Susan Holliday
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Prayer, Spirituality


A Grace book, or Book of Blessings, recognizes the free and open gift of God's grace. This small book reaches out, not only to believers, but to any who may not define themselves as religious, yet are open to the spirit and to the power of words.

Although these Graces are mostly drawn from Christian tradition, they are all directed at the present. Every day we make unexpected discoveries about ourselves and the world around us. Likewise, in a spirit of serendipity, these Graces are not categorized. They are to dip into whenever one needs the comfort of words that show us that we are not alone and that our private joys and sorrows, irritations and minor triumphs are common to humankind.
In this book, each Grace has its own minute prayer mat on which you may kneel down, in your imagination, and rest your spirit for a while.

Susan Skinner is an artist and ecumenical Christian living in the South of England.

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