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365 Days of Wisdom

365 Days of Wisdom

Cools the mind, warms the heart and guides you along your journey.

365 Days of Wisdom

Cools the mind, warms the heart and guides you along your journey.

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Sep 30, 2011

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Dadi Janki
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Body, mind & spirit (general), Inspiration & personal growth


This day book is a resource that will enrich your life every day of the year. It offers 365 short but profound spiritual thoughts, one to inspire each day of the year. The quotations of the day have been gathered from people who have devoted their lives to the spiritual path and specially chosen to provoke thought and encourage inner development. But they are far from esoteric or difficult to understand. The quotations address the issues we all struggle with daily: stress and negativity, how we organize our lives and make the best decisions, the joys and difficulties of connecting with others and the nature of love. Organized as one day per page, each day’s thought is followed by a short contemplation, practice or project, with space to write your own thoughts and chart your inner journey through the year. The beauty of wisdom is that it is timeless and simple; there is no calendar element to the book and so you can start using it at any point in the year. Whether you need to cool the mind or warm the heart, let this inspired collection of wisdom and insight be your guide through the year.

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