Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Thomas Daniel Nehrer

Questioning cultural truths of small-town Middle-America, Tom jettisoned religion by age 10. In his early twenties, he left a Chemical Engineering career to travel widely seeking to better understand life. His mystic experience on Corfu exposed the shortcomings of science. During a fleeting epiphany, he could clearly perceive that he was not a separate entity sensing remote objects, but a "Oneness" experiencing itself from within its own essence.

Always sensitive that concepts regarding life correspond to experiential Reality, Tom explored many disciplines, philosophies and teachings, absorbing valued perspectives, but never bowing to self-aggrandized masters, popular myth or single-explanation "truths".

Giving psychic readings for a time in his thirties, he gained direct exposure to the subconscious, the realm of meaning and value that underlies human consciousness and real life effects. But only his long inner journey, penetrating into all facets of his own psyche, its innate values and distinct mechanisms of realizing them, could restore the immediate awareness he had experienced on Corfu. Perfecting self-hypnosis and meditation technique, Tom cleared away all limiting beliefs absorbed from cultural input during his childhood. Using these straightforward techniques, he delved into inner roots of outer problems in health, success and relationship issues and eliminated them within a process which spurs healing at all levels.

During the process of inner change, Tom gained "Clear Awareness"; seeing life without the veil of beliefs and definitions, but now as an ongoing, conscious capacity, not a fleeting glimpse.

At the unsolicited offer of a British publisher in 2005, Tom expanded his online writings into book form (in print as of March 2008). While finishing the book, he retired from active business concerns to devote time to promoting his valued perspectives. Tom's health and abundance, vastly improved through inner cleansing, allow presentation of EoR without charge or donation. (Royalties from the book, beyond expenses, will be preserved in a family trust to assure continuity of his writing beyond his lifetime.)

By summer of 2010, Tom had finished writing his second book, "The Psyche Exposed", that delves deeper into structures of the psyche and review western philosophy, pointing out how great thinkers of the past glimpsed or missed the cohesive flow of Consciousness/Reality.

By 2015, having toured extensively to introduce his third book, The Illusion of "Truth", Tom began to produce a series of videos he established as his YouTube Channel: Tom passed away in 2019.

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