Nikki Mackay

Nikki Mackay

Nicola Mackay is a Family & Ancestral Constellation therapist and teacher. She previously worked as a Clinical Physicist within the NHS specialising in Neurophysiological measurement and exploring the efficacy of energy healing on the autonomic nervous system. She has a busy therapy practice and teaching school based in Western Europe and the USA and gives training, workshops and individual family constellation therapy. Since 2016 she has been exploring the possibilities and boundaries of constellation at a macro level working with the International Relations Department of a University in Scotland looking at using constellation as a tool for peace and reconciliation in global conflict. As well as researching the normalisation of hate and the roots of racism with groups in the USA.

Her aim is to bridge the gap between Science and the new age and she keeps that in mind in everything she does.

She currently lives in Glasgow with her partner and their son.

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