George S. Mentz

George S. Mentz

George Mentz is a 2016 IBA Award Winning Self Help Author. Mentz brings the conversation about quantum-prosperity to the next level of personal wealth metaphysics. He has extensive writing, teaching, networking, and speaking experience. He was the first professional with his set of graduate qualifications: Doctor of Jurisprudence/ J.D. with a focus in International Law, MBA in Financial Planning, Registered and Qualified Financial Planner (QFP) with credentials in Wealth Management and financial law. He also holds an honorary doctorate degree in Spiritual Studies. He brings a fusion of practical and spiritual concepts to the table because he understands wealth management and has practiced as an investment banker and Senior Wealth Manager for a Wall Street firm. As a continuous student of spiritual and practical wealth management teachings, he has used his research of ancient wisdom to aggregate spiritual laws as they relate to prosperity. He provides a philosophical backbone for success methodology.

In the last twenty years, Mentz has authored and edited articles and books on the topics of financial success, financial independence, tax law, investment law, human potential, metaphysics, self help, and personal development. His personal publishing company has sold thousands of books, but these sales are generally to a captured audience of students and professionals who are customers of his educational companies. His articles are regularly published by professional organizations in financial management such as the National Underwriter, Summit Media Group, Dice Holdings, Inc., and he has been seen on TV, Radio and internationally. Mentz has even been a paid national spokesman for neuroplasticity products and services.

Professor Mentz has successfully taught over 220 courses at accredited institutions both online and onsite and lectured and spoken in over 15 nations. As an ethics and philosophy professor, he has won several national, faculty competitions, awards, and other distinctions. He presently serves on the graduate law faculty of the post juris doctorate program for international tax and finance at a top 15 Graduate Law School in the USA.

George Mentz’s organizational networks include over 100,000 professionals from around the globe. Mentz founded companies and organizations with members in over 150 countries that have trained thousands of professionals globally. He is a member of the board of standards for several international business and financial organizations. His private network includes The GAFM/Global Academy of Finance and Management, The Global Academy of Project Management, The Certified E-Commerce Consultants Institute, and The International Management Consultants Certification Board. Mentz leads numerous on-line publications and networks for these organizations through social networks such as Linked-In.

As a global consultant, Mentz has counseled some of the richest entrepreneurs and business professionals in the world as well as Fortune 1000 companies such as HSBC Bank. He has been quoted or featured by Reuters, Summit Business Media, Wall Street News, National Underwriter, Financial Times, AP, Arab Times, China Daily, El Norte Mexico, The Hindu National, Forbes News , Yahoo Finance and more. Educational books and programs by Mentz have been noted in Reuters, The China Daily, The El Norte Mexico, the Hindu National, The Wall Street Journal and other publications. Mentz has done work in international radio, television, and commercials as well as consulting with the US Government and the United Nations. Thus, he has the experience and credibility to bring his book to a wide, international audience.

George Mentz's New Book, Quantum Bliss which is published by O-Books is an Award Winning Finalist in the Self Help Category at the 2016 International Book Awards.

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