Walking An Ancient Path

Walking An Ancient Path

Walking An Ancient Path

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Jun 27, 2008

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Karen Tate
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Goddess worship, Inspiration & personal growth


Choose to live not to destroy....

Is feminine consciousness the missing piece of the spiritual, cultural and political puzzle that can address the human conditions of suffering that plagues the planet?

The Sacred Feminine, has been stripped from our cultures, religions and psyches for several millennia. But we are starting to remember her roots and origins. Writing from the heart, Tate's enthusiasm, passion for justice and vision of love and enlightenment is personified in the concept of the Divine Feminine. In Walking An Ancient Path, the author Karen Tate takes us on a timeless journey to sacred places and invites us to re-enact the sacred rites and to learn the power of prayer and inspiration, while challenging us to understand and retrieve the values of a society that honors the feminine face of divinity - inclusion, equality, reciprocity and interdependence. Thus she aids readers, both new and familiar with Goddess, to reawaken this knowledge, to experience once again the nurturing arms of the Mother, and perhaps, help humankind save itself.

Independent scholar, minister, prolific writer, speaker and tour organizer, Karen Tate has traveled across five continents seeking out the feminine face of god. For more information go to www.karentate.com

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