Tales of the Celtic Bards

Tales of the Celtic Bards

Tales of the Celtic Bards

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Jul 27, 2008

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Claire Hamilton
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Fairy tales, folk tales, legends & mythology, Spirituality


The ancient Bards believed they had powers of divination, shape changing and the ability to travel to the 'Otherworld'. They encoded their knowledge into stories that could only be sung or spoken, for the druids forbade them to be written down. In Tales of the Celtic Bards Claire Hamilton captures the enchanting and often strange beauty of the mysterious bardic tales. She recreates the experience of the Celtic listeners of long ago by framing the myth with the teller and the teller with his or her audience, who would have listened spellbound as this higher knowledge was handed down. By putting the stories into the mouths of the bards, Claire teases out the spiritual truths that glitter within their tales.
Claire Hamilton is a writer on Celtic and Arthurian mythology and spirituality. She runs workshops, which explore the dramatic presentation of myths through narrative, poetry and music. She lives in Monmouthshire, Wales.

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