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Healing Power of Celtic Plants

Healing Power of Celtic Plants

Healing Power of Celtic Plants

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Oct 19, 2006

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Herbal medications, Paganism & neo-paganism


The Celts were a successful and vigorous people who spread all over Europe a few thousand years ago. Our knowledge of them has been growing rapidly over the last few decades. They practiced what many in the medical profession today say is crucial to good health- drinking copious quantities of pure spring water, eating fresh vegetables, fruit and grains, and taking plenty of exercise. They were also a shamanic people, treating their environment with respect. One of the most fascinating aspects of their culture was their use of plant medicine, and central to this was the use of herbs. Many of these herbs are still used clinically today to treat a range of conditions. Each of them is covered here in depth, explaining its history, myth and symbolism and also how to grow, preserve, prepare and use them. Uniquely, here, their properties are examined together with the scientific evidence that they work. Learn from the practice of our ancestors to improve your own health and lifestyle.

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