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Forbidden Rites

Forbidden Rites

Forbidden Rites

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Aug 31, 2009

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Jeanette Ellis
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Gaia & earth energies, Witchcraft


Forbidden Rites deals with the subject of traditional rather than Wiccan Witchcraft, though it can be used by anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge. It takes the reader on a journey through an initiates period of self assessment, with visualisations, practical work, anecdote, ritual and power control. It teaches the reader about the Goddess, God, the festivals and tools that you will need. It suggests the best way of making them, and details the use of gems, herbs and oils, runes, amulets, formularies, and familiaries. Forbidden Rites is very comprehensive, packed with well-researched information and can serve as a reference work when the initiation period has ended.
Jeanette Ellis has run a coven for over twenty years and has presided over perhaps more open rituals than anyone in the UK.
This book is practical, lucid, helpful, responsible, honest, and at times very moving. Ronald Hutton, Professor of Historical Studies, Bristol University

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