Rob Wildwood

Rob Wildwood

Rob Wildwood was born in a seaside town in Yorkshire, and spent much of his childhood exploring the local countryside and the myths and folklore of the North York Moors. He was introduced to Norse shamanism in his early twenties and had a keen interest in history, particularly the history of our pagan past. He spent many years visiting Viking festivals in Europe and lived in Scandinavian countries where he developed his online business The Jelling Dragon, selling hand-crafted reproductions of Viking artifacts.

In 2006 he was introduced to the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism which sees the divine as being manifest in all of nature. He then went on to become fascinated by the subject of human origins, wanting to discover what was the true ‘inner nature’ of human beings. This led Rob to travel to far corners of the world to experience life in primitive indigenous cultures, including the Kalahari Bushmen, the nomadic Penan of Borneo and the forest Naikas of India.

He also revived his interest in shamanism and eventually returned to study core shamanism in Glastonbury, before beginning a long adventure seeking out and photographing sacred sites in both Britain and Ireland, and tuning into the energies of these places to receive channelled messages using shamanic journeying techniques. This led him to publish his first book ‘Magical Places of Britain’ which is a photographic guide to the folklore of these sites.

He is became interested in dowsing, ley lines and earth energies, and has followed ley lines extensively across Britain and Europe, as well as visiting sacred sites in Scandinavia, North America, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Bali and India.

He eventually moved to Glastonbury, England, where he still lives, but he now spends the winter months travelling in Australia, studying aboriginal culture and exploring dreamtime legends and the sacred landscape.

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