Mael Brigde

Mael Brigde

Mael Brigde is a devotee of the Irish goddess and saint, Brigit. She founded the Daughters of the Flame in order to rekindle the perpetual fire once burned by the sisters of Saint Brigit in Kildare, Ireland. She lit the Daughters’ first candle on Imbolc 1993, unaware that on the same day in Kildare, Catholic Brigidine Sisters were relighting it as well. Both flames continue still.

As part of her devotion to Brigit, Mael Brigde strives to learn all she can of her lore and traditions and to share this with others who seek her. In addition to maintaining the Daughters of the Flame and two Brigit blogs, Brigit’s Sparkling Flame (2004), and a poetry blog, Stone on the Belly (2015), Mael has contributed essays and poems to a number of books, assisted others in their researches, led webinars on Brigit and Brigidine devotion, and created three online courses. The first, Discovering Brigit, introduces the saint and goddess and offers tools for learning more about her. The second, Stepping Into Brigit, guides the seeker into a deepening connection with Brigit. Journey with Brigit, Goddess of Poetry, is a longer, intensive class that explores reading and writing poetry as a sacred act, offering meditations, historical information, and the model of both ancient and modern Irish poets.

Her paper, “A Long Sip at the Well,” which reviews dozens of Brigidine books, from children’s picture books through popular nonfiction, poetry, plays, and novels to academic texts, is available on Brigit’s Sparkling Flame and at

Mael Brigde lives in Vancouver, Canada with her garden, her bird feeders and baths and bug hotels, and all the wild creatures that come her way.

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YouTube video: "I Will Kindle My Fire," Hymn to Brigit, based on a traditional prayer to God found in the Carmina Gadelica. Words modified by Mael Brigde.

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