Lady Haight-Ashton

Lady Haight-Ashton

Lady Haight-Ashton is a Third Degree Gardnerian High Priestess, a Third Degree Cabot Witch within the Cabot Hermetic Temple and a Priestess of Selket (also Lilith and Hecate) within the Fellowship of Isis where she was also honored with an Adepthood in Sacred Healing Dance. She is the High Priestess of Sacred Moon Coven and the Iseum of the Graceful Goddess, a member of the Crossroads Lyceum and an Ordained Clergy within the Temple of Nine Wells (affiliated with the Aquarian Church) in Salem, MA. She is also a legally licensed Pagan Clergy and a member of the Maine Pagan Clergy Association.

Lady has taught “Modern Witchcraft” and “Wicca 101” workshops and courses in NYC, PA and MA. In addition, she is a professional psychic and medium by the name of Isis Rose on the Psychic Power Network, where she isone of their top 10 psychics and mediums. In the summer of 2016 she taught an intensive 4 week workshop “Psychic Mediumship” in New York, and recently she taught a class on Learning about Wicca as an adjunct teacher at York Community College in Maine.

Lady is a professionally trained ballerina, an Isadora Duncan dancer and modern dance teacher. She is currently choreographer and dancer with the Temple of Nine Well Dancers. And as founder, choreographer and principal dancer for “The Undines Dance Company” Lady and her company performed throughout the Northeast.

She has taught “Sacred Dance” and “Dancing with the Goddess” workshops. As an active member of the Sacred Dance Guild since 1995 Lady was chosen to teach a “Dancing with the Goddess” workshop at the Guilds Phoenixville Dance Festival in 2006. In 2011 and 2012 she was chosen to present workshops of ancient music and dance at the Fellowship of Isis International Goddess Festival in Chicago, IL. At the end of March 2014 she taught a “Sacred Dance” Workshop and gave a Rites of Spring lecture for the New Hope Metaphysical Society in Pennsylvania. It was a sold-out event.

Lady lives in Maine, USA.

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