Halo Quin

Halo Quin

Led deep into the wilds of Wales by dreams and wandering words, Halo has been a practising Faery Witch since she was a child. A changeling child, she was away with the faeries for more of her childhood than she was present on earth and discovered human magic in her teens, which, of course, was most enchanting. Her magic has always focused on listening to the spirits of the land, an animistic path which introduced her to the Welsh deities - who immediately welcomed her.

Trained in Reclaiming Witchcraft (among other paths) she has taught at camps, workshops and events over the years, developing her own magical pixie-led path through observing the borderline between Fae and Human enchantments. Halo has studied and worked with Welsh stories, gods and magic since moving there in 2005.

Halo is a devotee of the Faery Queen, a storyteller, a philosopher, artist and the Ringleader of The Goblin Circus, where Faery magic manifests in art and wonder-tales.

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