David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg

David Sparenberg has been a staff writer at OVI magazine for several years and has dozens of published contributions. OVI is an online daily with editors in London, Stockholm, and Helsinki. He has four ebooks published by OVI Books.

Recent publications have also been with COUNTERCURRENTS, also an online ezine, out of India and with MYTHIC CIRCLE, The Mythopoeic Society, USA.

In former years he garnered between two and three hundred publications in various genres in more than 100 international print periodicals and journals. These have included placements with SHAMAN’S DRUM, Matthew Fox’s CREATION SPIRITUALITY Magazine, THE TRUMPETER, a Journal of Ecosophy, British Columbia, Canada, STORYTELLING, National Storytelling Association, Selena Fox’s CIRCLE Magazine, DREAMNETWORK JOURNAL, where he was a contributing and book review editor with nearly fifty contributions now archived online, GREEN MAN, OBSIDIEN, DELOS and NEW MOON RISING, to name a few of the most outstanding. Unfortunately, most of these print periodicals have ceased publication, especially in the United States.

He has 45 YouTube videos created around various original, published writings. These videos have been primarily shared with personal friends and Facebook contacts.

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