Harmony Kwiker

Harmony Kwiker

Born into a family of progressive healers, Harmony started the practice of transcendental meditation at age 6. During this time, she glimpsed her future self and knew that she was here to be a healer, a teacher, and an author. When it came time to choose a major in college, psychology seemed like to only reasonable choice. Wanting to find a way to bridge the progressive healing techniques of her parents with traditional psychology, she chose a graduate program with a strong foundation in social justice and a more holistic lens of clinical psychology, Antioch University in Seattle.

After 10 years of teaching general psychology for University of Phoenix, Harmony accepted a position as a Visiting Instructor at Naropa University. She currently teaches transpersonal Gestalt counseling and transformative clinical skills to second year graduate students in the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling program. Harmony feels honored to guide students on their journey of learning to embody the healers they are born to be.

In her 15 years as a psychotherapist, Harmony has created a framework for counseling that answers her quest for deep transformation in a clinical setting. Spiritual Alignment Technique is the basis of her newly launched training center, the Institute for Spiritual Alignment. She is getting ready to teach her first cohort of therapists and coaches how to facilitate deeply transformative therapeutic sessions in a way that is both practical and spiritual.

Students say this about Harmony:

“I feel like I have received a grace having you as a teacher this year. It has been so nice to have a living example of what I consider sacred femininity in such an authentic expression.”

“I have had many great professors here at Naropa but I will say that I have never had an instructor whom I felt I was missing something if I didn't write down word for word almost everything said. You are no bullshit... the way you think and relate information is dynamic and you know your stuff and I am f*@%ing glad about it. At the same time you model a profound ability to be yourself. I look forward to reaping the rewards on all levels.”

“You are a truly amazing therapist, and I very much admire you. I am so grateful for you and all I’ve learned from your wisdom. You’ve been a fantastic teacher and I am certain this course will flow through me to help the clients I serve.”

Two years ago, Harmony self-published her first book, a self-help memoir titled Reveal: Embody the True Self Beyond Trauma and Conditioning. In Reveal, she vulnerably shares her own journey of transcending old pain and trauma. Not many clinicians vulnerably share their own fracture that occurred during deep trauma, nor the outdated beliefs that keep them feeling stuck, or the habitual patterns that become their map of navigating the world. But Harmony let readers into her world and showed them her courageous and exhilarating path of integration, transformation, and return to wholeness.

What other authors are saying about Reveal:

“I was hooked from the first paragraph. Harmony’s courageous sharing of her vulnerabilities and triumphs on the journey toward authenticity, wisdom, and happiness will inspire readers to live in alignment with their true natures.”
~Sue Patton Thoele, author of The Courage to Be Yourself, The Mindful Woman, and several others

“Harmony Kwiker’s story is a modern day he-she-roe’s journey, the journey of how she learned to give voice to her deepest truth and reclaim her essential self. I love how nothing is taboo in this magnificent work. I urge you to get this book and read it all the way through as an act of self-care. I believe you’ll be much wiser for taking this journey with this gifted author.”
~Susan Campbell, Ph.D., author of Getting Real, Truth in Dating, and Five-Minute Relationship Repair

“This memoir is a treasure. I saw myself in almost every page. It’s a woman’s story. It’s Herstory. As she rides the waves of life’s lessons while integrating her shadow, Harmony brings us into her struggle and transformation in a way that inspires me to do the same. No matter how long the road, no matter how high the price.”
~Alexis Neely, Founder and CEO at New Law Business Model

Aside from her professional career, Harmony is a mother of two amazing children, newly married, and a lover of the culinary arts, travel, and nature. She is dedicated to embodying the message that she teaches, and her closest friends, husband, and children are cherished teachers to her on this sacred journey.

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