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Next Step, The

Next Step, The

What price would you pay for immortality?

Next Step, The

What price would you pay for immortality?

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Sep 29, 2017

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Sep 29, 2017

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Michael H. Burnam
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Alien contact, Bullying, Science & technology


It’s been five years since Mickey passed the Europans’ test, saving the Europans and planet Earth. Pam and David are living on Europa in a wondrous habitat where anything seems possible, and have twins with unusual abilities. Earth is transforming into a Utopian paradise thanks to the Sphere, an alien hard drive filled with advanced technology gifted to Earth by the Europans. But Mickey, who chose to remain on Earth, suspects the Europans of having a secret, more sinister agenda. When he severs his connection to the Sphere and begins to investigate, Mickey is captured by the Sphere Cult and put on trial for his life...

The second book in the thrilling YA sci-fi series from Michael H. Burnam, The Next Step, asks what happens when Evolution progresses to immortality?

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