• Psychedelic Christianity
    Jack Call
    Bravo!! Loved it. This book contains marvelous insights. ~ The Rev. Bill Garrison, Rector, St. Matthias Episcopal Church, Whittier, California

  • Psychedelic Christianity
    Jack Call
    . . . a breath of fresh air at a time when many folks are losing their religion. The book offers bold and refreshing takes on age-old questions in a modern context. . . . I highly recommend this book for believers, non-believers, and those that are undecided. The author has built a large tent for all of us to be together in peace. ~ Bruce Olaf Solheim, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of History, Playwright, Citrus College, Glendora, California

  • Beat the Rain
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    5 stars... I read this book on my holidays. Fantastic read. I struggle with reading as my concentration is poor, but this had me gripped. You really get to feel the characters and their emotions. Brilliant. ~ Rachel C, Amazon customer review

  • Good Pussy Bad Pussy
    A. Aimee
    Good coffee break read
    Overall Good Pussy Bad Pussy was a good book which will immerse you in a crazy, dark, intriguing world. Full of twists and turns and highs and lows. Credit to A. Aimee for how she managed to pull me into the story line as this is not an easy task.
    ~ The Oooh Review, Amazon & the Oooh Review

  • Pursuit of Ordinary, The
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    Beautifully written book that pulls you in from the start. What particularly stood out for me is how well crafted it is - The Pursuit of Ordinary is a wonderful piece of modern fiction.Thought provoking from start to end, the characters and narrative are compelling with twists I didn’t expect. And at its core are themes of love and mental health - Nigel Cooper has created characters so tenderly drawn that you ache for them as their story unfolds. Highly recommend this book to both new readers and those who loved his first novel. The book will be published in April 2018. I was given an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review. ~ Caroline Jory, Goodreads Review (ARC)

  • Pursuit of Ordinary, The
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    This book is original and thought provoking, it is essentially a love story and is beautifully written with believable characters. I love reading books set in Brighton, and I loved Nigels first book 'Beat the Rain' - very clever how Nigel subtly linked the two. I thoroughly recommend you read this wonderful and intriguing story - especially if you liked 'Beat the Rain'. The book will be published in April 2018. I was given an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review. ~ Kate Rogers, Goodreads Review (ARC)

  • Front Page Murder
    Peter Bartram
    I really do enjoy most of Peter Bartram books, especially these investigative journalist stories - they remind me so much of the era of pulp fiction. The characters are just so great, and the stories really have you at the edge of your seat following the twists and turns of the mystery. Love Tammy and her colloquialism, and as for Henrietta and the Clipping Cousins, they just make me laugh. ~ Leyla Johnson, NetGalley

  • Hospital High
    Mimi Thebo
    Review copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book was so relatable and emotional. I can't think of much to say about this one, I'm still processing my feelings. Did you ever experience trauma and just want to give up? That's what this story may be a hard read if you've been there.. ~ Hospital High, NetGalley

  • Hospital High
    Mimi Thebo
    Have you ever been through something so severely traumatic that you didn't know or maybe didn't want to know how to come back from it? You will relate. When Coco is severely injured in a car accident and wakes up after coding in the hospital, she's mad. She wishes they'd let her go where she'd felt at peace with no pain rather than pull her back to this hell she's going through. She's touched that everyone is thinking of her and sending her cards, but not before she's upset that her friend isn't in the hospital bed next to her. Worst of all, she's horrified to learn she may not be able to ever sing again. This book is well written and full of humor but also a lot of real pain and struggle. I loved every minute of it. ~ Melinda Turner, GoodReads

  • Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots
    Sarah-Beth Watkins
    Margaret Tudor is in someways the forgotten Tudor. Daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, she was the Queen of Scotland for a time and it was through her that the Stuart kings ascended the throne. Yet in many modern retellings, including The Tudors, her story forgotten or worse, merged with her sister's tale.

    This book attempts to remedy that. Using correspondence and chronicles of the time, Watkins weaves together a complex tapestry of the woman who was Margaret Tudor. Starting from her birth, we explore Margaret's world and her place in it. We meet everyone who would later influence her life and her choices. It helps explain her complexity and also her historical importance. And make no bones about it, Margaret is important.

    I picked up this book because I have an inordinate love of Tudor history. It was my focus in college, and my historical focus in my post-graduate education. I was not disappointed. The author has clearly done their research (which is good considering this is a non-fiction book) and has gone out of her way to include little tidbits into Margaret's life.

    I especially enjoyed the inclusion of her letters other documents which both humanized Margaret and also provided historical context to the book.
    ~ Michelle Louise, NetGalley

  • Pagan Portals - Gwyn ap Nudd
    Danu Forest
    The "Pagan Portals" series are just what you want in an introduction to a specific topic - clear, concise and chock full of useful information and exercises to put to good use. This book is no exception. The exercises are well-written and the information presented leaves the reader wanting to find out more about this rather dark deity,
    ~ Andrew McAuliffe-Shave, NetGalley

  • Revolutionary Keywords for a New Left
    Ian Parker
    Revolutionary Keywords for a New Left by Ian Parker is a collection of essays on keywords for the political left. Parker is Co-Director (with Erica Burman) of the Discourse Unit, Managing Editor of Annual Review of Critical Psychology, Secretary of Manchester Psychoanalytic Matrix, member of the Asylum Magazine editorial collective, and supporter of the Fourth International. He is a researcher, supervisor, and consultant in critical psychology and psychoanalysis.

    Revolutionary Keywords is a series of essays based on keywords. It is not a dictionary of definitions but contains commonly used keywords and creates essays built around the word. The essays put the keyword into context in modern socialism. Like most books on socialism, this one, too, becomes complex. The term socialism means many different things to many different people. European socialism, Stalinism, Leninism, Marxism, Democratic Socialism, even America's capitalist based "socialism" is discussed in order to set the common ground.

    The book discusses many aspects of historical socialism as well as modern day. Topics of race, sex, gender, globalism, and campism are discussed in detail throughout the book. Other topics seem mundane but have deep roots such as discourse, postmodernism, identity, and animals. The discussions run deep and turn out complex. At the end, the recap traces the changes in keywords from 1917 -1967 and 1967-2017. The evolution of keywords leads to the 2017 keywords in this volume. Although not intended for the general audience, in fact, I found myself a bit entangled in the subject matter. I felt much the same way on the first day of a semester in graduate school. Needless to say, it is not light reading, but worth the time and effort for those with an interest in the far left. ~ Evil Cyclist,

  • Quaker Roots and Branches
    John Lampen
    John Lampen has a gift for connecting the contemporary concerns of Friends with the rich heritage of the Quaker past. In his latest collection of essays, he shows us how the experiences of Friends like George Fox, William Penn, and Elizabeth Fry offer us wisdom and guidance in confronting the problems we face today. ~ Thomas Hamm, Professor of History, Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana, U.S.A.

  • Beat the Rain
    Nigel Jay Cooper
    A spectacular debut novel by Nigel Jay Cooper. This compelling tale of love and loss is deeply moving and wonderfully written. Full of troubled characters, hidden messages and unexpected twists and turns, this book took me on an emotional roller coaster ride and had hooked me from start to finish. I won this novel in a Goodreads giveaway and it's one I won't forget in a hurry. ~ Lisa, Goodreads Review

  • Healing with Information
    Maria Sagi
    On the pages of this book the reader will find a vast range of new and prima facie surprising diagnostic and therapeutic methods. This writer can testify to their effectiveness. He had the good fortunate of being treated by Dr. Sagi for the past twenty years with results that leave no doubt about the treatment’s efficacy. Moreover he had the opportunity to witness controlled experiments regarding the physiological correlates of applying this method. The experiments demonstrated among other things that the patterns of EEG that appear in the brain of the healer are reproduced in the brain of the patient within two or three seconds—and that this effect obtains even in the absence of sensory or physical contact between healer and the healee.
    This book is fundamental, almost encyclopedic reference for anyone who is seriously interested in new developments in the art and science of healing. ~ Ervin Laszlo

  • Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair
    Anita Neilson
    Jenny Light rated it: it was amazing Oct 5, 2017

    When my best friend Anita, first shared her concept for this book with me, I knew that it was winning book. For anyone wishing to make a difference in this world, 'Acts of Kindness from your Armchair' isn't like any other book. In it Anita shares her own tried and tested solutions to act kindly in the wider world. There's something for everyone, no matter their reasons why they may find themselves unable to engage beyond the home. Anita takes her readers through a journey from starting to act and think of yourself in an accepting forgiving way, to making a real difference to people and animals locally and globally. Kindness oozes from every pore of this book straight from the generous heart of Anita herself. If you are looking for a practical way to engage with meaning with the world you find yourself in and to alleviate suffering, you need look no further than this shining gem of a book. I can't recommend it highly enough!
    ~ Jenny Light, Goodreads

  • New Paradigm Psychology
    Claudia Vayda
    One of the most Important elements of Ethical Practice is to be reflective and to be working on our own growth as practitioners and humans. This book is a valuable asset for Therapists at any stage of their career and I highly recommend it. ~ Dr Elinor Van Ommen, Clinical Psychologist

  • Los Indignados: Tides of Social Insertion in Spain
    Richard R. Weiner
    Ivan Lopez
    Honing in on democratic fundamentals, this rich book offers an engaged and learned chronicle of a mass social and political movement that, from the start, has sought to deepen and stengthen popular sovereignty across a wide range of issues, levels of governance, and systems of meaning. Moving fluidly among theory, observation and analysis, Los Indignados thus stretches our imagination well beyond Spain at a time of political passion, fragile institutions, the dissolution of traditional party bonds, and fraught ideological combinations. ~ Ira Katznelson, Columbia University

  • Los Indignados: Tides of Social Insertion in Spain
    Richard R. Weiner
    Ivan Lopez
    This is such an important book on such an important topic. It is horrendously bleak in describing the world as experienced by so many of those who live in what we once called advanced western liberal democracies. And yet, and at the same time, it is wonderfully liberating in its detailed account of their mobilization and their attempts to make for themselves, indeed for us all, a better world. ~ Colin Hay, Sciences Po, Paris

  • Christian Middle Way, The
    Robert M. Ellis
    ...a densely argued book, needing, and deserving, time to digest; and to work out, with the author’s help, the implications of approaching religion in general and Christianity in particular, in terms of the Middle Way. ~ Edward Walker, author of Treasure Beneath the Hearth

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