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We don't currently include audiobooks in our contracts, but we do have an author in the JHP family who offers a discounted rate for audiobook production to any author from a JHP imprint. Rafe Beckley is an actor, narrator and audiobook producer. If you're interested in Rafe's services, please contact him directly via his website Here's what he has to say about the process and the audiobook industry in general:

Audiobooks are the big developing market at the moment in our industry. That’s great for authors who want to sell more books, and it’s also great for authors who want to reach new audiences that might never have picked up a print copy of their work. Now eventually that will stabilise, but right now there don’t seem to be enough audiobooks to satisfy listeners’ demands.

I’m currently putting my own JHP book into audio. Have you thought about putting your book into audio yet? Want to know more about how making and financing your audiobook works?

Here’s how things stack up:

First off, it’s worth noting that all the major platforms work in USD, so that’s currently the best way to compare narrator/producers.

Audiobook production pricing is usually given as a cost per finished hour (PFH). When contracting with an independent provider, you’ll be contracting for a rate that covers research and preparation, narration, editing, audio proofing and mastering. This means that when the files are delivered they will be ready for publication and sale. Read on, but don’t panic…

Rates vary across the industry. Equity (the British actors’ union) doesn’t yet have an audiobook agreement, but SAG-AFTRA (the American actors’ union) does. It’s $250 PFH, but that’s only for the narration. So, under SAG-AFTRA union rates, you could expect to pay that, plus the rate for the other services.

An experienced audio editor will often charge between $75-$100 per finished hour, though well known ones can charge more. This would cover editing and mastering.

An experienced audio proofer will charge between $25-$35 PFH. This makes sure that all audio errors are flagged and corrected by the narrator after the first edit, and pronunciation and quality are on point. Just like editing the written word sometimes things can slip through, so it’s unwise to skip a third party doing this step.

So if everyone’s working for the ‘going rate’, you’re looking at between $350 and $385 PFH for the whole process

Almost all independent narrator/producers have taken courses to learn the skills required to deal with the whole process from start to finish, in addition to any skills and experience they already had. This means that they have also made a significant investment in equipment and studio space in order to be able to do so.

However, because they keep the work in one place, they tend to charge less for a complete package. The $250 PFH seems to have become the accepted minimum for people who are trained and skilled in all aspects of this work (who aren’t famous in the audio world) to deliver finished audio.

Like all marketplaces not governed by union agreements, everyone gets to set their own rates. It’s not uncommon to see well known narrator/producers charging well over $400 PFH, and it is possible to find people on Fiverr who will do it for almost nothing.

So that you can think about what price is reasonable to you, let’s have a look at what goes in to making a finished hour of audio:


  1. The narrator reads the book in preparation. During this time they will ‘mark up’ their text with any notes on pronunciation etc, in order to make the recording sessions as efficient as possible. They will do this at about narration speed, plus extra time depending on how much research is called for - a contemporary romance novel, for example, is likely to take less time to prepare than a non-fiction book which uses lots of uncommon or non-english language words. Time: 1.5 hours PFH

  2. The narrator records, edits, masters and delivers the 'First Fifteen' to the Rights Holder for approval before continuing*.
  3. The narrator records the ‘raw’ audio. Again, this depends on the complexity of the text, but 2:1 is a widely recognised ratio. Time: 2 hours PFH
  4. The ‘raw’ audio now undergoes editing. Mistakes are taken out, sound quality issues are addressed (distracting mouth noises, for example, are often removed manually). An experienced editor can expect a ratio of 3:1. Time: 3 hours PFH
  5. The files are now sent to the audio proofer. This is a fresh set of ears. They listen to the audio while reading the text, check all pronunciations, and log all audio discrepancies (there are always some, just like when editing writing). This depends on how many mistakes have been made, but a good audio proofer can hit a 1.5:1 ratio. Time: 1.5 hours PFH
  6. The audio proofing notes go back to the narrator, who will ‘punch in’ any changes required, and match them to the original acoustics. This stage isn’t usually accounted for, as it’s considered to be part of the narrator’s job that has already been accounted for in their rate.
  7. The final mastering of the audio is done, and the files are uploaded for publishing. This is included in the editor’s rate already described. 

*Once the narrator/producer has been engaged by the Rights Holder but before the whole audiobook continues full production, the narrator/producer will be expected, within an agreed time frame, to supply the 'First Fifteen'. This is the first fifteen minutes of edited recording, or an agreed fifteen consecutive minutes if there is a particular section of the text that needs to be got right or is more appropriately indicative of the body of the text than the actual first fifteen minutes.

The Rights Holder is expected to listen to this. They then either agree that they are happy with the pacing, flow, delivery style etc. or request changes until they are happy. Once the Rights Holder gives the go-ahead to the narrator/producer, the narrator/producer will then complete the whole project for delivery as agreed after the first fifteen. This is allows narrator/producers to use their specific skills sets while avoiding possible micro-management from the Rights Holder, while making sure that the Rights Holder has ensured that they are confident in passin the control of the project to the narrator/producer.

So, here’s the workload for one finished hour of audio:

Read and mark-up 1.5 hours

Recording audio 2.0 hours

Editing audio 3.0 hours

Audio proofing 1.5 hours

Total 8.0 hours

So, even if you manage to find super-experienced professionals who might be able to shave an hour or so off of this (incredibly hard to do), you’re still looking at 7 hours work - or one full day, with a lunch hour.

At the $250 PFH rate, we can see that the ‘accepted minimum’ for professionals for a standard work day works out at 250/8, or $ 31.25 per working hour (currently about £25 per hour in GBP).

If you ever want to work out what the ballpark hourly rate of an audiobook narrator/producer is, then just divide their PFH rate by eight. It’s not perfect, but it’ll give you a good idea.

To complicate things further, when working through the ACX (Audible) platform, it’s also possible to deal with narrators on a ‘Royalty Share’ basis. This means that audiobook royalties are split 50/50 between the Rights Holder (you, we assume) and the Producer (narrator). The rule of thumb is to price this assuming the ACX model, which is a total 40% royalty of the sale price.

ACX changes its pricing dynamically and also allows listeners to buy for a membership ‘credit’ (a fixed monthly fee they pay), so it’s pretty difficult to work out what this is in the real world as a monetary amount. However, experience across multiple narrator/producers is that it averages out at about $10 per sale. That means the royalty is usually about $ 4 on average across books and genres. If you’re doing a royalty share arrangement, that means around $ 2 for the Rights Holder (RH) and $ 2 for the Producer.

As you can imagine, experienced narrator/producers rarely take on Royalty Share (RS) contracts. From time to time, if a book is already performing well in print, a narrator/producer might take a chance. Sometimes this pays off, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s difficult to get experienced narrator/producers to take this kind of arrangement.

Often, they will consider what is informally called a ‘hybrid deal’. In this type of arrangement, the Rights Holder (RS) will cover the costs of editing and proofing up front, and the narrator will provide their performance only on a Royalty Share (RS) basis. This results in a lower PFH entry cost to the Rights Holder (RH), while still sometimes being attractive enough for an experienced narrator/producer to take on the project.

Hybrid deals are usually arranged privately and directly with the independent narrator/producer.

Special rates for authors published by John Hunt Publishing and its various imprints:

I was fortunate enough to be published by Zer0 books in 2014, when no other publisher was interested. Since then, my book on ethical theatre production has found it’s way onto University reading lists and into PhD theses, as well as being used by theatre practitioners regularly.

As an actor and author who has retrained and has now worked as an audiobook narrator/producer over the last three years, I want to pay something both back, and forward. I now do this full time, having built and equipped a professional quality audiobook narration studio. I’m also not interested in financial excess, and only seek to make a reasonable living with my skill sets and time.

On this basis, I have two offers exclusively for any author published in the JHP family:

Hybrid deal:

$ 125 Per Finished Hour + Royalty Share (works out at about £12.15 per hour worked plus RS)

Complete Rights deal:

$175 Per Finished Hour (You keep all the audio royalties, works out at about £17 per hour worked)

I’m also happy to answer any questions you might have. If you’d like to get in touch to explore working with me, or if you have any questions, please use the contact form on my website:

Audiobook Covers

If you would like a version of the paperback cover for your audiobook, we can provide one for a one-off fee of £100/$150. Please request this from Mary Flatt via the Author Forum: Editorial & Production: Printing queries. Once you have paid the fee our designer will make the cover and upload the image to your Production page in the Cover workflow section.




Whether you're a seasoned writing veteran or new to the industry, most manuscripts can be significantly improved with experienced external input, so we do provide options to buy extra editorial help if you wish to. The work is done by qualified writers we have worked with over a long period, and have usually published. If you're unsure which of the options is best for you, then please get in touch with us via the Author Forum and we'll be happy to discuss. See endorsements for our work at the bottom of this page.

All manuscripts that we accept for publication are copyedited. This is making the style internally consistent, checking grammar, spelling and typos. There is no charge for this on any book.

The following are optional, though occasionally we might say something along the lines of "this manuscript would be fine with a heavy edit, so the offer is subject to that."

A: Light Edit

The manuscript needs more than our standard free copy edit.

  • Improve style, grammar, dialogue and general punctuation, check citation accuracy.
  • £8/$12 per 1000 words. The completion date will be within four weeks of invoice being paid and manuscript uploaded.

B. Heavy Edit

The manuscript needs more than a Light Edit.

  • The Light Edit, plus query writing, rewrite for sense, make appropriate for market.
  • £16/$25 per 1000 words. The completion date will be within four weeks of invoice being paid and manuscript uploaded.

C. Heavy Edit with Additional Writing Advice

The manuscript needs more than a Heavy Edit.

  • The Heavy Edit plus advice on flow, sentence construction, and referencing. For fiction it may also include advice on dialogue, plot holes and plot structure.
  • £24/$37 per 1000 words. The completion date will be within six weeks of invoice being paid and manuscript uploaded.

D. One-to-One Mentoring on Manuscript and Writing Skills

The manuscript is publishable as it stands, but it could be a lot better.

  • Four hours in a month via email, including one hour on Skype, £43/$66 per hour.Payable in advance for an initial three months, and extendable per month after that. 
  • Many authors do not realize where their weaknesses lie. They know their writing is missing something but are at a loss as to what to do about it. Whether you are just starting out, have been struggling to get into print, or simply want to polish your gem, this service will help you to realize your goal.
  • Our mentoring package will provide you with a personalized program of development, which will enable you to become a more accomplished writer. Every author has a unique voice and style, and our editors will work hard to ensure that mentoring will preserve and hone this uniqueness. We will at all times listen to your input and concerns about your own writing process.
  • An editor specializing in your genre/subject area will work closely with you on a one-to-one basis to strengthen your writing skills and ensure that your book maximizes its potential. You will be set challenges to boost your writing confidence and constructive criticism will enable you to recognize and improve existing strengths and weaknesses.
  • We will suggest books that will be helpful to you for those skills you particularly need to improve and enhance, such as dialogue, characterization or sense of place.
  • The once-a-month Skype tutorial will address  any problems within the project give guidance and support.


We pitch our costs at much less than the going commercial rate; see for instance the Editorial Freelancers Association price list at

  • For all services, “Track Changes” will be shown so that you can see the editing that has taken place.
  • Payment terms: Payment will be invoiced and will need to be settled before editing work begins. When your payment is received we will make a note of it on your Production page in Publisher Notes.
  • Please note that the above costs are based on the wordage of the final, completed manuscript and not on the submitted word count. If the completed manuscript is over an additional 10% you will be invoiced for the additional work on completion.


The Editors

Clockwise, from left - Maria Moloney Wilbrink, Krystina KellingleySarah Beth-Watkins, 

You are likely to be allocated one of the editors above, depending on the style/subject matter of the book, and availability.

Maria Moloney Wilbrink

Maria is the author of five MBS books, and a children’s novel (and has contributed to several others), edited two magazines, and has many articles published in popular MBS magazines. Over several years she has guest lectured at a UK university, travelled internationally to give talks and workshops, and taught creative writing. She has an honours degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and has studied both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. Maria lives in Ireland.

Krystina Kellingley

Krystina is a publisher and author with Our Street Books. She has had several short stories published as well as online articles on dream interpretation and other subjects. She is a teacher of creative writing, and lives in the UK.

Sarah-Beth Watkins

Sarah has been a freelance writer for over 20 years writing for magazines and websites, on a wide range of topics. She has written over 300 articles for the web. She has four titles published with Compass Books and two with Chronos. She tutors creative writing and journalism courses for various colleges and community centres, and lives in County Wexford, Ireland.

Sample endorsements



Krystina Kellingley - I find your editing touch just superb.……you have to understand that I have been a lawyer for 17 years and I give advice for a living. I ran small businesses for years before that and am more accustomed to giving orders than to taking them.


However, I am grateful that every rare now and then, a person comes along whose insight and talent demands not only that I listen, but follow her lead. Your initial straightforward comments told me what I needed to do here, and they forced me to look at this book with more of an editor's eye than a writer's eye. The heartless slashing and burning of redundant, weak language which followed, and which you advised, greatly improved this novel, and your kind comments tell me I achieved what you wished me to and what I needed to. Further, your judicious and thoughtful touch on this seems just picture perfect. I feel very lucky to have you working on this and I wanted to express my appreciation.  

David I. Aboulafia, Visions Through A Glass, Darkly, Cosmic


After I signed a contract with John Hunt Publishing, I elected to work with Krystina on a monthly basis to refine the writing on my young adult science fiction manuscript. 

Before seeking mentorship, I'd work-shopped my manuscript, had numerous reader critiques, edited and rewrote on my own for years. All of these processes were helpful, but during my time with Krystina I grew faster than any other experience. She perceptively diagnosed issues that made my writing inaccessible to the reader and she offered practical strategies for me to address them. Many of her critiques revealed my 'blind spots', problems that I did not notice on my own.

I also felt that aside from excelling as a teacher, she took a personal interest in my progress as a writer.  I remain grateful for her wealth of invaluable advice.

Sarah Bergstrom, Desert Dwellers, Lodestone Books

I felt very lucky to have Krystina Kellingley as my editor and mentor. She is a sensitive and intuitive professional with broad vision and a huge knowledge in creative writing.

Krystina is a visionary who has the ability of traveling deeply inside the story as if she were one of the characters. All this ensures a high quality on her work.

F. T. Camargo, Shanti and the Magic Mandala, Our Street Books






I felt it important to write a review on Krystina Kellingley, what a treasure! I was very apprehensive about having an editor go over my manuscript, but all my fears were set-aside with the first email I received back from Krystina. So very easy to work with, she not only improved my manuscript greatly, but did so with uncanny insight honoring my voice and intention. Through the whole process, I was able to learn through the notes she added as she edited, and as a result, I believe I have come out the other end a far better writer. I am planning and hoping to have her edit my next book. Thank you Krystina for finding the symphony in all my noise.

Denise McDermott-King, The Master, The Lover, and Me, Axis Mundi Books (book is in production, cover not currently available)

When I agreed to a mentoring program for my first completed manuscript, I really had no idea what to expect. But Krystina Kellingley quickly had me assured that it would be a great experience. She never hesitated to tell me where my writing could use improvement, while also knowing how to keep a completely constructive tone, always making clear that the goal was to help me make my work better, now and in the future. She also had great suggestions on other works I could read to see examples of what she was talking about done right, which aided a great deal in letting me get the point. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and am very grateful for everything she did for me.

Ryan Lohner, The Place Beyond, Lodestone Books (book is in production, cover not currently available)

More endorsements under the imprints, on the website, as in


Extra Services: Targeted Publicity Campaigns



The aim of publicity is to gain visibility, raise awareness, and create attention for your book in the minds of your target readership using broadcast, print, and online media.

In short people can't buy your books if they don't know about them!


Longer periods of publicity are often more effective.

The more time the publicist can spend on the book, the easier it becomes to see what is working and what is not.

Extra Services are your chance to purchase a longer, in-depth campaign for your book.


We offer five publicity services:

Our one base service where your publicist  may not contact you directly:

  • Standard: 6-10 Hours, free for all titles

And our Extra Services, which include a personal one-to-one relationship with your publicist:

  • Bite-size: 10 Hours extra

  • Exclusive: 30 Hours extra

  • Deluxe: 60 Hours extra  

  • Valet: 90 Hours extra


Whether you purchase an Extra Service or not, every single title receives our Standard publicity package in which:

  • Your Publisher sends a newsletter to trade and media subscribers worldwide, in the months preceding your book release. When this happens a note will be added to your Marketing page under Email history.

  • The Sales Co-ordinator produces an Advance Information (AI) sheet for our sales reps to take to the trade in North America, Europe and Australia 9-12 months before publication. our AI sheet will be visible on your Marketing page in the Publicity section.

Your assigned publicist is listed on the Publishing Team page of your book. A month or two before your book is published your publicist will, over 6-10 hours:

  • Research and create a hit-list of media to target with a press release.

  • Write and send an individually tailored press release to the hit-list.

  • Submit articles that you have added to the marketing page.

  • Follow up any lines of enquiry that you have suggested.

  • Promote your book on JHP blogs and social media.

With every 500 copies sold, of which you will be notified, the publicist will do an extra round of publicity, widening or deepening the contacts.

During the Standard Publicity your publicist may not contact you directly.

For more information see CHAPTER 9: YOUR PUBLICIST.

If you have any queries regarding your publicity at this stage, please use the Marketing & Publicity section of the Author’s forum.


We encourage authors to be active themselves, using the resources and tools we provide. More in CHAPTER 9: BEING YOUR OWN PUBLICIST and CHAPTERS 11-15 of the Author Guide.



During the Standard Publicity your publicist may not contact you directly. If you buy an Extra Service this relationship changes.

Your publicist will maintain a regular dialogue with you throughout, usually by email.

They will take the lead on your publicity campaign, but always invite and accommodate your thoughts and opinions at every stage.

Sometimes your publicist will do most of the work themselves, and sometimes you will be needed to work with them, for example in writing blogs posts, or creating some social media material.



In conjunction with yourself, your publicist will seek to place articles and interviews about and by you, in print and online.

Often,  publications are more receptive to pitches from professional publicists as opposed to writers, but there are exceptions.

Your publicist will discuss with you  the most appropriate way to do this and remain in dialogue with you while they:

  • Perform in-depth research into relevant blogs, magazines and newspapers to pitch based on your genre and location.

  • Create a hit-list of media to target.

  • Create tailored article pitches for each media outlet.

  • Ask you to contribute to ideas for pitching,  and write speculative articles for certain publications

  • Share all published articles in our social media feeds, and request other authors in your genre to do the same.

  • Research radio-show and podcast hosts specific to your genre or location.

  • Deliver tailored pitches designed to secure you a spot on the shows.

Your publicist will coordinate between radio show and author. If you have plans to visit other locations to publicise your book, then we will support this with contact to local radio hosts.


Reviews an extremely important part of publicity.

Consumer reviews on Amazon are vital, they drive sales  on the site more than mainstream media reviews. Click to read this article detailing why having 25 Amazon reviews left on publication is one of the best things you can do for your book.

Your publicist will:

  • Pitch your book to relevant reviewers - mainstream media (if relevant), niche media, leaders in your field, librarians, and professional reviewers (who review on Amazon, sourcing titles via NetGalley).

  • Add your book (for at least six weeks) to NetGalley - a service that connects publishers with  influential reviewers before and after launch. To read more about the service read our Author Guide section on NetGalley.

  • Have the budget for up to 3 NetGalley newsletters (reaching a greater number of influential readers than simply adding your book to the site).

  • Have up to 14 extra additional review copies of your book available to send with a personal note to targeted influential reviewers.


Your publicist will review your existing online presence (website, social media, blogging etc) and advise on ways to improve and augment it. They will:

  • Offer you advice on building a website if you don’t already have one .

  • Evaluate your current website to make sure it shows relevant info presented in the best way.

  • Review your current use of social media and offer ways to augment and enhance it.

  • Evaluate your use of social media and suggest sites, services, and techniques to improve it.

  • Help you define and target the audience you want to reach online.

  • Help you decide which aspects of social media are right for you.


Your publicist will work with you to:

  • Create a social media marketing plan for your launch.

  • Create copy for use on social media.

  • Create a social media schedule and plan for your launch - including advertising strategy.

  • Create graphic memes for sharing on social media

  • Evaluate social media success as it goes out and tweak strategy accordingly.


There are many websites and marketing newsletters  that advertise  books and run giveaways designed to create buzz and excitement, and ultimately sales from your launch. We mentioned the most important ones in CHAPTER 13 ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES.  Your publicist will work with you to:

  • Evaluate if a book promotion service, like GoodReads or AuthorBuzz, has the potential to publicise your book effectively and deliver sales and run any subsequent campaign .

All Extra Services packages include:

  • £125-£825 advertising budget, to be spent on the servives your publicist and yourself think most relevant to your book.


Each title is unique, works for different markets, and plays to different author strengths.

Some with special commercial potential call for more publicity, and some which are more niche not so much.

As a writer, you may feel confident in promoting your own work yourself, or you may know that you find publicity especially challenging and believe paying for extended help will be worthwhile.  

With a longer campaign your publicist can approach and chase a wider range of people, over longer periods, work more closely with you for longer, explore further strategies, and develop and refine your marketing and publicity strategy as the results come in. They have more time to support your own development and learning in marketing your own work. If publicity takes off, we are also placed to maximise it and ride the wave.

Read carefully your reader reports and own comments and carefully consider the nature of your own book.

When all these factors are weighed, you can make the best decision.

In practice, we find the 30-hour campaign often the sweet spot – a significant amount of time to work with your publicist combined with a  competitive, affordable rate.


  • Bite-size: 10 Hours extra, £400

  • Exclusive: 30 Hours extra, £1080

  • Deluxe: 60 Hours extra, £1944

  • Valet: 90 Hours extra, £2700

The more hours you choose the less you pay per hour.

The hourly rate comes down from £40 an hour on ten hours, to £30 an hour on ninety hours.

Because much of the early time is spent reading your title, evaluating it and its place in the market, and discussing it, the shorter campaigns are more expensive.

Payment terms: Payment will be invoiced and will need to be settled before extra publicity work begins. When your payment is received we will make a note of it on your Production page in Publisher Notes.


Go to Author Services – Extra Publicity in the Marketing And Publicity section of the author forum. Make a post there expressing your interest. Ben Craib will be in touch – to talk over your needs, your book, and what would be the best package and course of action.

Once you are happy with your choice and ready to purchase your Extra Publicity the office will send you an invoice. On receipt of payment your publicist will be in touch to arrange a Skype or phone meeting where you can develop an in-depth plan of action.

If you have purchased your publicity well in advance, there may be a long period between the initial meeting and when the bulk of the work begins. Your publicist will always be available to you via email at this time. We believe the earlier you start thinking and working on publicity the better and your publicist will recommend which areas of building your platform you can be working on during this time. In addition, make sure you have read from Chapter 9 onwards in the Author Guide. This lays out both how we work at JHP and offers lots of advice and information you will find useful. Highlights include Author Branding (Chapter 9) and Social Media (Chapter 13).

✅Newsletter to trade, media and contacts ✅Newsletter to trade, media and contacts ✅Newsletter to trade, media and contacts ✅Newsletter to trade, media and contacts ✅Newsletter to trade, media and contacts
✅Tailored email/press release ✅Tailored email/press release ✅Tailored email/press release ✅Tailored email/press release ✅Tailored email/press release
✅Promotion on our blogs/social media ✅Promotion on our blogs/social media ✅Promotion on our blogs/social media ✅Promotion on our blogs/social media ✅Promotion on our blogs/social media
All books receive this package, without exception, regardless of Extra Services purchased Close one-to-one work with your publicist ✅Close one-to-one work with your publicist ✅Close one-to-one work with your publicist ✅Close one-to-one work with your publicist
  Guaranteed placement on NetGalley ✅Guaranteed placement on NetGalley ✅Guaranteed placement on NetGalley ✅Guaranteed placement on NetGalley
  In-depth research on relevant publications, websites and blogs in your genre and location ✅In-depth research on relevant publications, websites and blogs in your genre and location ✅In-depth research on relevant publications, websites and blogs in your genre and location ✅In-depth research on relevant publications, websites and blogs in your genre and location
  Giveaways ✅Giveaways ✅Giveaways ✅Giveaways
  Online strategy development ✅Online strategy development. ✅Online strategy development ✅Online strategy development
  Social media strategy development ✅Social media strategy development ✅Social media strategy development ✅Social media strategy development
  Social media content generation ✅Social media content generation ✅Social media content generation ✅Social media content generation
  Book promotion evaluation ✅Book promotion evaluation ✅Book promotion evaluation ✅Book promotion evaluation
  Extra review copies Extra review copies Extra review copies Extra review copies
  10 additional hours of publicist time 30 additional hours of publicist time 60 additional hours of publicist time 90 additional hours of publicist time
  £125 advertising budget £405 advertising budget £670 advertising budget £825 advertising budget
  £400 (£40/hour) £1080 (£36/hour) £1944 (£32.4/hour) £2700 (£30/hour)
  Competitive base price. Best seller 10% off, save £120 20% off, save £456 25% off save £900

The Publicists

Depending on the type and subject of the book, and availability, it will be allocated to one of these publicists, who will be your contact.


Maria Barry

Maria used to be our marketing manager before she moved to France. She has worked on hundreds of publicity campaigns, in all genres. Her particular speciality is in MBS and alternative health, but is also comfortable with world religions, philosophy, fiction and social/animal activism. 


Ben Craib

Ben specialises in online, social media, and publicity, and has a background in creative writing. He loves communicating and helping others get their voice heard out there. As well as working for John Hunt he looks after the online presence of Raphael's Ephemeris and works with Kdot media.

Daniela Norris

Daniela is a former diplomat and political writer turned inspirational author and speaker. She is the author of four books of non-fiction and short stories, and lives with her family in Cornwall, UK. After having published three titles with John Hunt Publishing, she has now joined the JHP team, focusing on literary awards and publicity campaigns.

Emma Gray

Emma runs her own marketing and communication business from rural France.
She is publicist for Our Street Books (JHP Children's books) and for O Books (Mind, Body, Spirit genres). Her background began in the non-profit sector, running large sporting events for several charities and focusing on increasing their audience and fundraising targets. Her move to France led her to completing a French diploma in Management and for 2 years she managed the communication and marketing department for a local golf course, hotel and restaurant focusing heavily on Social Media as a marketing tool.These days, Emma is concentrating her efforts on increasing readership of JHP's books and engaging audiences via popular social media platforms.

Tracy Stewart

Tracy is a passionate communicator of both the written and spoken word and, increasingly, vision through art and photography shared both in person and utilising technology and social media. She is an experienced creative and commercial writer, market developer, engaging public speaker, supportive and professional mentor and a natural networker. 


Douglas Lain

Doug is a publisher and writer, with books out from Night Shade Books and Tor Books. He also writes nonfiction and is an occasional blogger for Thought Catalog and The Partially Examined Life.  He was the host of the philosophy podcast "Diet Soap" from 2009 through 2014 and is currently the host of Zero Squared for Zero Books. He is based in Portland, Oregon.


Sarah Beth-Watkins

Sarah has been a freelance writer for over 20 years writing for magazines and websites, on a wide range of topics. She has written over 300 articles for the web. She has four titles published with Compass Books and two with Chronos. She tutors creative writing and journalism courses for various colleges and community centres, and lives in County Wexford, Ireland.




Short Testimonials


Longer Testimonials

Having been a publicist at Hampton Roads Publishing in the mid-1990s, I can appreciate how my publicist was able to hone magazine and newspaper pitches for my articles that got a great response. I had tried to approach them myself before he came on board with no results. This is the difference between self-publishing and mainstream publishing: the publishers are keyed into the marketplace and know who to approach and how to customize the pitch to the varied recipients. It is also helps if the material is well-written and market-friendly. John Nelson

I was extremely pleased at the professionalism, efficiency, speed, creativity and hard work of Ben Craib when he was hired to do extra publicity for my book, Earth: Astrology's Missing Planet - Reconnecting with Her Sacred Power. I have had over 30 years' experience in PR and promotion for an investment company and for non-profits as well as volunteer PR work for an international metaphysical organization. Despite my own experience, Ben taught me a lot and gave me new, fresh and up-to-the-minute ideas that I shall be able to use later in my own book promotion. I really can't speak more highly of Ben save to say he is highly intelligent and has a friendly, helpful, enthusiastic personality; he is also dedicated to new thought and body, mind, spirit. Chrissie Blaze

I can honestly say that my book achieved exposure levels that I could only dream about and this was because of what JHP have to offer in the PR area. It was featured in many periodicals, newspapers, magazines and some publications that I had never heard of including the Union Jack Newspaper, America's only British newspaper. Furthermore my JHP Publicist contacted me directly and in a very professional manner, about doing many radio interviews. It's one thing to have a book published but getting the word out there is absolutely key. The JHP contacts list is exhaustive and covers every field, however diverse. Don't ever underestimate what they can do for you in this regard. That one interview, review or article could lead to so many further possibilities. In my case the possibilities became absolutely ridiculous. And then some. As a PR animal, with a passion for my work, I cannot recommend this service strongly enough. Authors love talking about their books. Let JHP help you with that. Tom Reilly

As a former journalist, editor and PR manager, I'm always a little bit unsure of what to expect from other publicity people - we all have our preferred ways of working and, sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to find the right energy balance and learn from/work with each other. With Moon Books, this was absolutely not an issue. The publicist was knowledgeable, respectful, wonderfully encouraging, and the connection between Moon Books' and my own PR support (my wife still runs a PR/social media consultancy business) was seamless. We kept the publicist up to date with work being carried out from home and she also provided me with lots of invaluable opportunities and ideas, as well as giving me gentle prods when I got caught up in pre-launch business and needed a reminder to get copy into various outlets in time for deadline. In short, Moon Books - and the publicist in particular - have been brilliant. They have far surpassed my expectations in terms of PR support and I cannot recommend them highly enough. A brilliant publishing outfit to work with, and I will not hesitate to take my next book proposal to them first. Taz Thornton

 The JHP Publicity services are a necessity to any author. But, as a first-timer I have found their services without doubt - an invaluable source of help and support. They are the building bricks of a platform that without the commitment and attention to detail they provide, could easily give way under the lack of knowledge from a newbie like myself. I have nothing but admiration for their professionalism. Sheena Cundy

The efforts with the Thunderclap to launch my book made a huge difference. Pagan Portals Candle Magic got to number 1 in the witchcraft section on Amazon just after the Thunderclap happened. Also, Nimue's blogging and sharing of my posts has raised awareness of my book and workshopsLucya Starza

Every time I contacted my publicist, I received a reply very quickly. John Hunt has responded to my requests in a timely, courteous, and professional way, supporting my queries and supplementing them with their ideas, too!” Susan S. Morrison 

I happily endorse the efforts made by Trevor Greenfield and the JHP Publicity team. They always reply promptly to any questions I email them, and secured some wonderful reviews of my books. Steve Andrews

I've had some great experiences with the publicity team at JHP, via the Moon Books imprint. They put me in touch with Watkins which allowed me to have an article in their Mind, Body SpiritMagazine. I've also had numerous positive reviews thanks to them sending my book to the right people. For a new author, it can be daunting stepping into the publishing world, but I've always found the team here supportive and eager to help outMabh Savage

Just wanted to pop in to say how honored I feel to be an author with JHP (Dodona). Finishing up my 1st book with them now (NAKED TAROT). Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I love the diversity of titles, and the book covers are some of the best in the biz. And the database model? Brill! Janet Boyer

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The Truth About Publicity

We all know publicity can be expensive. And the downside of publicity is, even if you find yourself getting excellent coverage, this does not necessarily guarantee sales.

This does not make publicity any less important to your career. Every writer should have a strategy for it.

Further Resources

Publishing 101 by Jane Friedman is pithy, down-to-earth, and wisdom-dense guide to all aspects of publishing for contemporary writers and is an excellent primer to all facets of online marketing.

The Writer’s Internet by Sarah-Beth Watkins is a fun, easy-to read book for writers who want to get the most out of the internet and don’t know how.

The JHP imprint Compass Books ( publishes practical books for writers.

The Master Communicator's Handbook by Tim Ward (one of our publishers) and Teresa Erikcson, published in the Changemakers imprint, has relevant chapters for authors.