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Extra Services: Targeted Publicity Campaigns

The standard publicity we give to each title is only designed to get the ball rolling. 

The truth is, every book needs many many hours of dedicated publicity. And as we said before, every author needs to be their own publicist on an ongoing basis. 

For this reason we offer our extra services - for when you feel your book would benefit from an in-depth, concierge-style publicity push.


  • Give you a one-to-one relationship with your publicist.
  • From July 2016, any JHP Extra Services 30 or 60 hour publicity package includes 1 month (30 hours) or 2 months (60 hours) placement on NetGalley.
  • Give your book a powerful marketing push over an extended period of time.
  • Equip you with the skills to generate ongoing marketing and publicity after the first push with us has finished.
  • Give you the benefit of having another professional pitch your services as opposed to you having to do it.

 Why Shouldn’t I Go With An External Publicist?

We have no problem with this. There are some excellent practitioners out there. We just ask you to put up what you do on the Promotion Plans box on the Marketing page, so we avoid repeating things you have already done.

At the same time, we believe our rates and experience are very competitive with those outside publicists, and that we can offer excellent value in our services, which compete with the best. Working with us, you can be sure that the publicist will have worked on other books in your imprint. They are familiar with the contacts database, with our systems, will have read your reader reports, your Book Details page, they work with the author and reader FB groups, and in all these respects have a standing start over external publicists.

Services Breakdown

Our publicist will work with you to evaluate your needs, the needs of your book and you current online positioning, and choose the right approach for your book. This will consist of a mix of:

Article Pitches

In conjunction with yourself, your publicist will

  • Research relevant blogs, magazines and newspapers based on your genre and location.
  • Create a hit-list of media to target.
  • Create tailored pitches to each media outlet.
  • Share all published articles in our social media feeds, and request other authors in your genre to do the same.

You will likely be required to contribute article ideas and write some articles on spec during this process.

Cross Promotion

  • Your publicist will isolate opportunities for cross promotion with book bloggers, where we will work with them to offer specific content, including video and book giveaways.

Interview Pitches

  • Your publicist will research radio-show and podcast hosts specific to your genre or location.
  • They will deliver tailored pitches designed to secure you a spot on the shows.
  • Book giveaways may also be possible with some interview hosts.
  • The publicist will coordinate between radio show and author.
  • If you have plans to visit other locations to publicise your book, then we will support this with contact to local radio hosts.
  • We will share links to the interviews in our social media feeds, and request other authors in your genre to do the same


All Extra Services package include a one month (30 hours package) or 2 months (60 hours package) placement on NetGalley - a powerful online service that facilitates giving review copies of new books to influential readers (booksellers, reviewers, educators, media workers and librarians). To read more about the service read our User Manual section on NetGalley.

Social Media Consultation

Your publicist will:

  • review your online presence and feelings towards the internet.
  • review the options that are out there and help decide what is right for you.
  • define and target your audience.
  • choose the right social media tools for you.
  • review the online marketing you are already doing and offer ways to augment and enhance it.
  • create a focused timetable for the next six months of your online marketing.
  • create and write marketing materials; images, blogs, gifs, videos - whatever you both decide will work best.

Internet Book Promotion Services

Your publicist will:

  • evaluate your book for a promotion on Goodreads, Bookbub, AuthorBuzz, and other similar services.

The Publicists

the JHP Publicity Team

The JHP Publicity Team L to R: Maria Barry, Nimue Brown, Ben Craib, Trevor Greenfield, Krystina Kyllingley, Douglas Lain, Daniela Norris, Sarah Beth-Watkins Maria Moloney Wilbrink

Depending on the type and subject of the book, and availability, it will be allocated to one of these publicists, who will be your contact.

Maria Barry

Maria used to be our marketing manager before she moved to France. She has worked on hundreds of publicity campaigns, in all genres. Her particular speciality is in MBS and alternative health, but is also comfortable with world religions, philosophy, fiction and social/animal activism. 

Nimue Brown

Nimue is a Moon Books author with a passion for supporting other authors. A year as a press officer, and marketing experience with previous houses and projects give her a basis for the ever evolving task of getting books in front of people. She is an adept at the arcane art of social networking, and a well established blogger.

Ben Craib

Ben specialises in online, social media, and publicity, and has a background in creative writing. He loves communicating and helping others get their voice heard out there. As well as working for John Hunt he looks after the online presence of Raphael's Ephemeris and works with Kdot media.

Trevor Greenfield

Trevor is a publisher and author with Christian Alternative Books. He has MA degrees in Religious Studies and English Literature from the Universities of Sussex and Southampton, and teaches Religious Studies for the Open University. He lives in West Sussex.

Krystina Kyllingley

Krystina is a publisher and author with Our Street Books. She has had several short stories published as well as online articles on dream interpretation and other subjects. She is a teacher of creative writing, and lives in the UK.

Douglas Lain

Doug is a publisher and writer, with books out from Night Shade Books and Tor Books. He also writes nonfiction and is an occasional blogger for Thought Catalog and The Partially Examined Life.  He was the host of the philosophy podcast "Diet Soap" from 2009 through 2014 and is currently the host of Zero Squared for Zero Books. He is based in Portland, Oregon.

Daniela Norris

Daniela, a former diplomat and political writer turned inspirational author and speaker, is the author of four books of non-fiction and short stories, and she lives with her family near Geneva, Switzerland.

Sarah Beth-Watkins

Sarah has been a freelance writer for over 20 years writing for magazines and websites, on a wide range of topics. She has written over 300 articles for the web. She has four titles published with Compass Books and two with Chronos. She tutors creative writing and journalism courses for various colleges and community centres, and lives in County Wexford, Ireland.

Maria Moloney Wilbrink

Maria is the author of five MBS books, and a children’s novel (and has contributed to several others), edited two magazines, and has many articles published in popular MBS magazines. Over several years she has guest lectured at a UK university, travelled internationally to give talks and workshops, and taught creative writing. She has an honours degree in Imaginative Writing and Literature, and has studied both Writing and Research at postgraduate level. Maria lives in Ireland.


Short Testimonials


Longer Testimonials

Having been a publicist at Hampton Roads Publishing in the mid-1990s, I can appreciate how my publicist was able to hone magazine and newspaper pitches for my articles that got a great response. I had tried to approach them myself before he came on board with no results. This is the difference between self-publishing and mainstream publishing: the publishers are keyed into the marketplace and know who to approach and how to customize the pitch to the varied recipients. It is also helps if the material is well-written and market-friendly. John Nelson

I can honestly say that my book achieved exposure levels that I could only dream about and this was because of what JHP have to offer in the PR area. It was featured in many periodicals, newspapers, magazines and some publications that I had never heard of including the Union Jack Newspaper, America's only British newspaper. Furthermore my JHP Publicist contacted me directly and in a very professional manner, about doing many radio interviews. It's one thing to have a book published but getting the word out there is absolutely key. The JHP contacts list is exhaustive and covers every field, however diverse. Don't ever underestimate what they can do for you in this regard. That one interview, review or article could lead to so many further possibilities. In my case the possibilities became absolutely ridiculous. And then some. As a PR animal, with a passion for my work, I cannot recommend this service strongly enough. Authors love talking about their books. Let JHP help you with that. Tom Reilly

As a former journalist, editor and PR manager, I'm always a little bit unsure of what to expect from other publicity people - we all have our preferred ways of working and, sometimes, it can be a bit tricky to find the right energy balance and learn from/work with each other. With Moon Books, this was absolutely not an issue. The publicist was knowledgeable, respectful, wonderfully encouraging, and the connection between Moon Books' and my own PR support (my wife still runs a PR/social media consultancy business) was seamless. We kept the publicist up to date with work being carried out from home and she also provided me with lots of invaluable opportunities and ideas, as well as giving me gentle prods when I got caught up in pre-launch business and needed a reminder to get copy into various outlets in time for deadline. In short, Moon Books - and the publicist in particular - have been brilliant. They have far surpassed my expectations in terms of PR support and I cannot recommend them highly enough. A brilliant publishing outfit to work with, and I will not hesitate to take my next book proposal to them first. Taz Thornton

 The JHP Publicity services are a necessity to any author. But, as a first-timer I have found their services without doubt - an invaluable source of help and support. They are the building bricks of a platform that without the commitment and attention to detail they provide, could easily give way under the lack of knowledge from a newbie like myself. I have nothing but admiration for their professionalism. Sheena Cundy

The efforts with the Thunderclap to launch my book made a huge difference. Pagan Portals Candle Magic got to number 1 in the witchcraft section on Amazon just after the Thunderclap happened. Also, Nimue's blogging and sharing of my posts has raised awareness of my book and workshopsLucya Starza

Every time I contacted my publicist, I received a reply very quickly. John Hunt has responded to my requests in a timely, courteous, and professional way, supporting my queries and supplementing them with their ideas, too!” Susan S. Morrison 

I happily endorse the efforts made by Trevor Greenfield and the JHP Publicity team. They always reply promptly to any questions I email them, and secured some wonderful reviews of my books. Steve Andrews

I've had some great experiences with the publicity team at JHP, via the Moon Books imprint. They put me in touch with Watkins which allowed me to have an article in their Mind, Body SpiritMagazine. I've also had numerous positive reviews thanks to them sending my book to the right people. For a new author, it can be daunting stepping into the publishing world, but I've always found the team here supportive and eager to help outMabh Savage

Just wanted to pop in to say how honored I feel to be an author with JHP (Dodona). Finishing up my 1st book with them now (NAKED TAROT). Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I love the diversity of titles, and the book covers are some of the best in the biz. And the database model? Brill! Janet Boyer

More endorsements under the imprints, on the website, as in

The Truth About Publicity

We all know publicity can be expensive. And the downside of publicity is, even if you find yourself getting excellent coverage, this does not necessarily guarantee sales.

This does not make publicity any less important to your career. Every writer should have a strategy for it.


We offer two main packages.

  • 30 hours @ $1920/£1200.
  • 60 hours @ $3840/£2400.

We see 30 hours as the minimum to give your book the time and attention these extra services.

Occasionally we do suggest 10- and 20-hour packages as well. For fiction (Our Street Books, Roundfire, Top Hap, Cosmic Egg, Lodestone) and Paganism and Shamanism (Moon Books) in particular, a 10-hour package may be more appropriate). 

It is hard to generalize here. A lot depends on the nature of the book and the judgement of the Publisher and Publicist as to what will make the best use of our time and the money spent.

Go to Author Services - Extra Publicity in the Marketing And Publicity section of the author forum.

Make a post there expressing your interest.

Ben Craib will be in touch - to talk over your needs, your book, and what would be the best package and course of action for your book.

Further Resources

Publishing 101 by Jane Friedman is pithy, down-to-earth, and wisdom-dense guide to all aspects of publishing for contemporary writers and is an excellent primer to all facets of online marketing.

The Writer’s Internet by Sarah-Beth Watkins is a fun, easy-to read book for writers who want to get the most out of the internet and don’t know how.

The JHP imprint Compass Books ( publishes practical books for writers.

The Master Communicator's Handbook by Tim Ward (one of our publishers) and Teresa Erikcson, published in the Changemakers imprint, has relevant chapters for authors.




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