Charlie Johns

Charlie Johns

Charles William Johns is a philosopher and fiction writer. He is responsible for the 'neurotic turn' which has been instantiated in recent years through the works of John Russon, Graham Freestone, Nick Land, Sean McGrath, Benjamin Noys and Conrad Hamilton (see Johns discloses a relation between the traditional psychological definition of neurosis (compulsive repetition of thoughts, unintentional thought processes) and knowledge construction in general. Johns suggests that the conceptual structures (or chains of signified's in the semiotic tradition) orienting human action are much more deterministic than what our current humanities express and allow. Our only choice is to exaggerate and intensify the thoughts that come and go in us (the neurotic), refusing the false solace of 'freedom', 'progress' (including dialectical materialism) and even the 'great outdoors' of the unknown. These concepts have become rather fitting in an age of increasing allegiance to the commodity, mass conformism, the neurotic self-relation found in i-phone narcissism etc and the neurotic reflexes created through social media notifications etc.

Charles is a research assistant at The University of Lincoln in the English & Journalism department and is a current member of the Lincoln Philosophy Forum assisting in research matters in Continental philosophy and various forms of nihilism (metaphysical, epistemological, literary and political).

Charles has presented and published many articles on aesthetics and Continental philosophy including work for Ephemera (Moscow), Goldsmiths College (London), The Collection (Lincoln), University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), Camberwell College (London) and The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow).

Charles' debut book Incompatible Ballerina and Other Essay's has been published by John Hunt Publishing and has been heralded as "ground-breaking", "an intensification of thinking" and "informed with rare philosophical intelligence and insight". Charles has just finished a collection of philosophical/meta-physical essays entitled Neurosis: A philosophical Study concerning his re-articulation of neurosis, its philosophical heritage and its position within creativity, intelligence and Being (ontology) out on Springer Press ( You can also find his debut fiction book entitled Malchus here ( which D.M.Thomas (The White Hotel) has called "stylish, thought-provoking and original".

At present, Johns is collating a number of essays which appropriate or revise the now redundant term 'neurosis'. Contributors include Graham Harman, Nick Land and Patricia Reed and will be published through Repeater Books in 2017.

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