Zakariya Adeel

Zakariya Adeel

Zakariya Adeel is an International Chinese Astrologer and Psychic having clients in his home of London, in Los Angeles, New York and of course China. Primarily based in South London in the UK, Zakariya has been reading for clients since his teenaged years although it was in 2002 that he officially went professional. He was the resident Chinese Astrologer for Prediction Magazine from 2005 until 2011 and continues to write freelance for them. He also contributes frequent articles for Chat, it’s Fate and writes horoscopes for Metrostyle Bilingual Magazine which has an international audience. He has also been featured on Psychic Interactive TV.

Hailing from a South Asian, Islamic family, Chinese Astrology was not an obvious vocation for him yet despite the number of times he tried to leave it behind on the advice of concerned loved ones, it followed him and opportunities such as writing for Prediction Magazine kept making themselves known until he finally took action and now, he has an international client base.

Graduating from Middlesex University with a 2:1 honours joint major degree in English Literary Studies and Writing & Publishing Studies, Zakariya Adeel has gone on to write three plays performed widely in London and has also penned two short films. He has also performed in his own plays, for television and has hosted many shows all over the UK.

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