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Time for the Wind

Time for the Wind

Mankind meets its karmic retribution – but is it ‘real’?

Time for the Wind

Mankind meets its karmic retribution – but is it ‘real’?

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Dec 11, 2015

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Dec 11, 2015

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Dennis Waite
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Action & adventure, Body, mind & spirit (general), Thrillers (general)


Something inexplicable lurks at the centre of the local landfill site and its influence is growing. Is it simply an unauthorized experiment with bioremediation or the beginning of the gravest threat ever presented to humanity? Intimately involved with the investigations, Bradley is also asking questions about the nature of Self and reality. In this he is tutored by the enigmatic Krishna who communicates only via computer and seems to know an awful lot about toxic waste... Interwoven with this compulsive and exciting story is an informed introduction to the philosophy of Advaita. Achieving a unique and paradoxical mixture of material annihilation and spiritual fulfilment, this novel is a metaphor for the play of our own lives and highlights the essentially dreamlike nature of the waking world.

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