Erik Daniel Boudreau

Erik Daniel Boudreau

Erik loves the challenge of creating a story and trying to bring it to life. From suspense/thrillers and epic fantasy to feature length screenplays, he enjoys delving into a wide variety of different worlds. In his writing, he strives to unify body, mind and spirit in interesting and accessible ways, something he also does in his career as a naturopathic doctor, whether through Reiki, craniosacral therapy or Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In addition to writing fiction, Erik has also contributed articles to numerous health and wellness publications, including the Townsend Letter, and served as contributing author and associate editor to The Textbook of Naturopathic Oncology (Medicatrix Holdings Ltd, 2020).

During his down time, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and daughter at his home just outside Vancouver, British Columbia, surrounded by rivers, forests, mountains, and the occasional black bear.

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