Simon Whaley

Simon Whaley

Simon Whaley is the bestselling author of 100 Ways For A Dog To Train Its Human, which spent four weeks on the UK's non-fiction paperback bestseller lists in 2003. Over 269,500 copies have been printed and it also has a North American, Portuguese, Icelandic and Italian editions.

He is the author of eleven other books and contributed to several others, since becoming a full-time writer in 2004. Hundreds of his articles have appeared in print in the UK and the USA, and dozens of his short stories have been published in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Simon also tutors for the Writers Bureau correspondence course, one of the leading creative writing correspondence courses available and is regularly seen at writers' conferences and writers' groups across the UK.

He lives in Shropshire, on the Welsh Borders, and much prefers his writing career to his eight-year high-street-banking career, or his six-year local-government career!

Simon's first book for Compass Books was The Positively Productive Writer (9781846948510), published in 2011, which has received many positive reviews in the press and on review sites such as Amazon.

Photography for Writers (9781780999357), published through the Compass Points imprint,published in 2014, shows writers how they can benefit from offering photos with their written work, the different markets available to writers with cameras, how to submit images, and how to use a camera for research.

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