Dan Kenneth Phillips

Dan Kenneth Phillips

About Dan Kenneth Phillips:

"Brother Dan" was born in Atlanta, Georgia, to a railroad worker and a school teacher. His family moved to Tennessee in the early 1950's and he has remained in Tennessee most of his life. He graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a degree in Electrical Engineering, working on the space program in Huntsville, Alabama, until they placed a man on the moon.

In 1969 he moved to Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife Janet, and attended Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, graduating with a Master of Divinity Degree.

He has pastored churches in several states, worked developing the Baptist Telecommunication Network, been an editor and consultant (all with Lifeway), and for the past ten years has been a chaplain at a large hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.

As a writer, his publications have been printed in over two dozen periodicals, literary journals, newspapers, and his sermon, God's Greatest Gift, was published in a book by Broadman Press as one of the ten best sermons in 1978. He has been writing spiritual journals for over four decades, putting particular emphasis on writing down God's precious moments in his life. His boohek God's work in our lives. It can be bought on Amazon or downloaded on Kindle. http://amzn.to/qQz6Ng

His background also includes responsibilities of counseling patients with terminal illnesses and their families. He has taught courses to nursing homes and churches on death and dying, issues of grief, and has frequently led bereavement memorial services at institutions where dealing with death is a frequent occurrence.

He is a frequent retreat leader on issues of Spiritual Development, Thomas Merton, and Spiritual Journaling. His web page, How to Develop a Spiritual Journal, is frequently used in universities and churches as an example of the importance of keeping track of God's movement in one's life. He also has a blog at danphillips.blogspot.com.

As a hobby he has been an amateur radio operator for over a half of a century. His call letters are N4NU and he has talked to radio operators in over 100 countries.

Dan is married, has one daughter and two grandchildren. He lives in Franklin,TN.

Brother Dan lives in Franklin, Tennessee.

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