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New Light

New Light

A spiritual path for our time: simple, radical and contemporary

New Light

A spiritual path for our time: simple, radical and contemporary

Paperback £11.99 || $24.95

Dec 5, 2008

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Jennifer Kavanagh
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Would you dare to live your life open to new light (or truth) from wherever it comes? Are you willing to accept the equality of all humanity, treating everyone with respect? Is yours a sacramental vision that does not allow you to despoil the earth or neglect or kill anyone? Could you trust your experience as prime evidence for the Divine without caging the Spirit in man-made dogma?To see what life would be like if your answers are Yes! then the voices of these twelve Quakers will speak to you. For they follow a way that embraces maximum spirituality with minimum religion. Their spiritual path is as simple, radical and contemporary as it was when it began over 350 years ago. Having guarded probably the best kept spiritual secret in the world, because of their refusal to proselytise, Quakers now feel, in the face of climate change and religious extremism, this is the time to speak out and share a way that is tolerant, liberal and compassionate: a way that makes life meaningful, happy and helps to heal the world.The voices of this book belong to Quakers who for the past six years have been running a series of open meetings for spiritual seekers, and have spoken from their own experience on the topics covered by this book.

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