God, Energy and the Field

God, Energy and the Field

God, Energy and the Field

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Aug 29, 2008

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Adrian B. Smith
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Cosmology, Metaphysics


God, Energy & the Field explores the idea that consciousness is the witness which experiences the flow of energy. Consciousness is mans ability to feel, to know and to detect energy. God manifests as creative energy. God is the Supreme Consciousness, the source of the creative field of energy. Creative energy is God’s free and undeserved gift to us. There is no other source of energy than Divine Energy. Since Christians believe they owe their existence to this source, this energy is a participation in the life of the God. Christians may think of creation as the continuous bursting forth of Divine Energy. The Big Bang was an explosion of energy: an explosion of Gods love given material form. Adrian B. Smith is a Catholic missionary priest much in demand as a speaker on the emerging new consciousness and its implications for Christain belief. This is his sixteenth book.

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