Brian Mountford

Brian Mountford

Brian Mountford is a free-lance writer and speaker and Publisher-at-Large for John Hunt Publishing's 'Christian Alternative' imprint.
His latest book, 'CHURCH GOING GONE - a biography of religion, doubt and faith' is a substantial autobiography full of narrative, anecdotes, liberal theological insight, and humour.

His next book, 'Religion and Generation Z - why 18-24-year-olds say they have no religion', of which he is both the editor and a contributor, will be published in April 22. It's a book of essays by Oxford students with opening and closing essays by Brian.

His best-selling book is ‘Christian Atheist: belonging without believing’, about those who struggle to accept Christianity’s metaphysical claims, yet are drawn to its aesthetic heritage, moral compass, and community outreach.

'Friday's Child', is an anthology of poetry on suffering and redemption. Each poem is accompanied by a snappy commentary that teases out the meanings of the text and relates it to everyday life. The book is ideal as a discussion group resource for Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

He is Publisher-at-Large for JHP's 'Christian Alternative' imprint.

Earlier CV
Way back in 1968 he started out as a curate in Bayswater, central London, in the days when the Church of England was less divided, religion didn't feel so much under fire from secularism, and he could walk comfortably down Queensway in a cassock. Then he spent six years as Fellow and Chaplain of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, newly married, and at the time when women were first admitted to the college. After that he was appointed Vicar of Southgate in North London. This was classic suburbia and the church flourished. In 1986 he became Vicar of the University Church, Oxford and stayed there for thirty years amongst the Dreaming Spires. Until June 2020 he was part time Chaplain of St Hilda's College, and in 2018 served as Acting Chaplain of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. In early 2019 he did a term as Acting Chaplain of Wellington College (a public school in Berkshire). He was Founding Chair of Oxford's Gatehouse Drop in Centre for homeless people. He lives in Islip, just outside Oxford, and continues to facilitate conferences run by the Oxford Symposium on Religion. In 2017 he was appointed MBE. He is Canon Emeritus of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford and Supernumerary Fellow of St Hilda's College, Oxford.

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