Bernard J. Lynch

Bernard J. Lynch

Who am I? Reverend Dr. Bernard J. Lynch

For seven years I studied philosophy and theology in preparation for ordination to priesthood at the African Missions College twenty-six miles from Belfast.This happened during the inception of the troubles in Northern Ireland. After ordination I worked with the Bemba people for two years in North Central Zambia before going to the U.S.A.

I have an interdisciplinary doctorate in counseling psychology and theology from Fordham University and New York Theological Seminary. For fifteen successive years I was Theological Consultant to the Board of Directors of Dignity New York -- an organization for Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered and Bisexual Catholics and their friends -- and founded the AIDS/HIV Ministry of Dignity New York in 1982, which continues its work to the present day.
For over ten years I was a member of the Mayor of New York's voluntary Task Force on HIV/AIDS, and was the only Roman Catholic priest to testify before the City Council for the successful passage of Civil Rights legislation for the LGBT community in 1986.

My writing, documentaries and public engagements:
I have been profiled three times on Channel Four. First, in ‘AIDS A Priest's Testament' 1987. In December 1989, Channel Four featured another two documentaries on my prophetic witness, 'A Priest on Trial' and 'Soul Survivor'.

In February 1993 my book, 'A Priest on Trial' was published by Bloomsbury Press. I contributed chapters to Lesbian and Gay Visions of Ireland, Cassell 1995; Pink Therapy, Open University Press 1996; Coming Out, Currach Press 2003. I was profiled in From Queer to Eternity by Peter Sweasey, Cassell, London 1997; Father Mychal Judge -- An Authentic American Hero -- by Michael Ford, Paulist Press New York 2002; and most recently, Where Clare Leads Ireland Follows by Richard Fitzpatrick, Mercier Press, Cork 2008. Since then I have published articles on Spirituality and Sexuality in different magazines, as well as participating in TV and Radio programmes on similar subjects.

Within the last six months I have been interviewed three times by Sky News. I participated in Protest the Pope (You Tube Father Bernard Lynch). I have an article in DUSA (Dignity USA membership 2,500) for Easter 2011.

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