Michael McPherson

Michael McPherson

Michael grew up in a typical midwestern American household; church on Sundays, meat and potatoes for dinner, and sports as soon as he was old enough to walk. As a child, Michael was sensitive to the energies around him. Because his family was so emotionally and sexually repressed, he grew up thinking that there was something wrong with him that made him different from the rest of his family. To say that modern culture influenced Michael’s journey into sexual maturity would be a dramatic understatement. By the time Michael was thirteen, he was masturbating to porn every single day in front of his family’s desktop computer. At fifteen, he purchased his first pack of penis enhancement pills in hopes that he could buy his way into sexual immortality. At sixteen, Michael lost his virginity to somebody that he hardly even knew. In his young life, when it came to sex, Michael was both paralyzed with fear yet desperate to learn more. That fear drove Michael to explore his sexuality “behind closed doors” and adopt shame as his self-punishment, a burden he carried well into his late twenties all because nobody was brave enough to have an open conversation with him about sex.

All that changed, however, in 2017 when Michael came into union with his beloved, Makenzie. Nearly three years of initiation through plant medicine ceremonies and divine union catalyzed Michael’s transformation from “infatuation addict” to full-blown embodied man. And he is only now just getting started. At thirty years old and on the brink of fatherhood, Michael is working to co-create a world where men take radical responsibility for their sexual energy and choose to channel it in a way that honors both the feminine and their own sacred origins. He thinks about his beloved and unborn children, and what he can do to create a world that’s safe for them to thrive in. Hence his book, Everything You Never Learned About Sex: Take Back Your Masculine Power & Use Your Sex Energy For Good, a blueprint for men of all ages to embrace wholeheartedly their God-given creative life force and use it for good.

Everything contained in the pages of his book is the culmination of what Michael learned and embodied along his path of healing. It’s not pretty, nor is it for the faint of heart, but it’s what the world needs at such a pinnacle point in time. It’s what Michael needed as a young person struggling to figure out how to be a man in the world. At the end of 2018, Michael launched a podcast called the huMANity Podcast. His intention was simply to share himself and his journey in a way that inspired others, especially other men. On episode three of that podcast, Michael opened up about his early life experiences around sex. Months later the emails, texts, and direct messages were still flooding in. What he realized then is what he knows now, people are hungry to reclaim their divine relationship with sex. They are hungry for what’s real and ready to do whatever it takes to heal in ways they never have before. In those moments, Michael knew that he needed to create something that would serve those men and women, something that could guide them back home to their hearts.

Michael is honest with his audience when he reveals that he is in no way qualified by “society’s standards” to be the author this book, or in any way present himself as a sex expert. But what he can tell you with certainty is that there is no one on this planet better equipped to deliver this message. Prior to the two years Michael spent on his heart-opening journey, he spent another two years developing himself as a coach, mentor, and speaker with a company called Landmark. At that time, he was also speaking at public business forums introducing hundreds at a time to his personal network marketing business. In 2017, Michael gave that all up to go deeper, but those skills that he developed continued with him. That same year Michael began working with master plant medicines like ayahuasca, wachuma, wilka, mushrooms, and cacao, in a sacred ceremonial setting. These master plants took his healing journey beyond his mind and into his heart and body, aiding him in becoming whole again on a somatic, emotional, and spiritual level. In 2017, Michael and his beloved began traveling the world leading cacao ceremonies through their nonprofit, KAKAO Ceremonial Drinking Chocolate. Over the course of those two years, they shared their story face-to-face with thousands of other men and women just like them, assisting them in traversing their own healing journey towards wholeness.

Since the beginning of 2019, Michael has offered his time and energy as a mentor to both men and women desiring to grow in the areas of sex, sexuality, intimacy, inner-child work, and divine union. He and his beloved have continued to facilitate cacao ceremonies, hosting one for their international online community nearly once a week. Gratefully, Michael has also been invited to share his message on influencers’ platforms, especially podcasts, many times over the last few years. In March of 2020, Michael signed his first ever book publication contract for his creation, Everything You Never Learned About Sex. Michael and his beloved live in Maui, HI, where they work virtually from home. Some of Michael’s current interests include gardening, Hawaiian permaculture, regenerative agriculture, the zero-waste movement, being immersed in foreign cultures, and becoming a father.

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