Dawn C. Walton

Dawn C. Walton

Dawn Walton was born in North Wales in 1972. She spent many years travelling the world as a consultant and had a very successful career. But she was never happy. When her daughter started asking "Are you happy mummy?" she realised that she needed to do something.

She came across a therapist called Trevor Silvester, based in Harley Street in London, and from the first session with him her life changed. As it turned out, he was the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Dawn realised that everything in her life had led her to that point and trained to become a Cognitive Hypnotherapist herself.

She now runs a successful practice in Dundee and Aberdeen, Scotland. She also believes if you can make a difference to one person, no matter how small, then it's a good thing. As a result she does 50% of her therapy online via Skype and Facetime - allowing her to reach as many people as possible.

The Caveman Rules of Survival came from her experiences as a therapist and form the basis for her therapy approach.

Find out more about The Caveman Rules of Survival at www.thecavemanrulesofsurvival.com

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