Catlyn Ladd

Catlyn Ladd

Catlyn Ladd loves alliteration, the poetic slip of similar sounds through throat and tongue. She writes narrative nonfiction, speculative dark fiction, some poetry when nothing else works, and even song lyrics. Her work has been published in Something Wicked, Illiterate, and The Far Side of Midnight.

Catlyn has worked in fast food, as a stripper, a magician’s assistant, the secretary at a real estate office, and as a college professor, both adjunct and tenured.

She has two bachelor's degrees, one in theology and the other in humanities with a minor in creative writing. She has a master's degree in religious studies, and a doctorate in philosophical and theological studies. She teaches philosophy, religious studies, and women’s studies at a two year college where she specializes in issues of race, gender and sexuality, and violence. She lives in Colorado with her partner and cats.

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