Bernice Maxton-Lee

Bernice Maxton-Lee

Bernice Maxton-Lee is a researcher on the political economy of sustainability and international environmental relations. Her work examines why nearly 25 years of environmental negotiations have increased both climate instability and global inequality. She has written and researched issues of inequality, North-South relations, (un)sustainable development and the environmental consequences of globalisation, for over a decade, with extensive fieldwork in Indonesia as part of her doctoral thesis.

She was educated in Switzerland, Hong Kong, Britain, and China and has spent over 20 years living and working in China and Southeast Asia. She has a Master's degree in Environmental Technology and International Affairs, and a doctorate in Political Ecology. She designed a rainforest conservation programme, has led NGO sustainability education initiatives, and has advised a major multilateral organisation on sustainable development in Southeast Asia. Bernice also spent ten years managing international events in Asia, including CEO debates, industry forums, and government roundtables. This combination of experiences has given her insights into the struggle to maintain social and ecological well-being in a world where economic growth is increasingly viewed as the most important indicator of progress.

She has an award for outstanding research and two awards for teaching excellence. She is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops and a growing publishing profile.

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